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13 Seconds

13 Seconds
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With 5 games left in the season, Manchester City, who had led the league all throughout the season, found themselves 8 points off their hated local rival Manchester United, but as season come to an end yesterday, all we needed was to match United’s result and the trophy would be ours.  A title which has eluded us for the past 44 years where we have been relegated to the third tier and have suffered painful defeats at the hands of the rags.

As the game kick off, you could sense the nerves of the players and the coaches.  They knew their fate lied in their hands and to miss this opportunity not only would ruin a great season but it could possibly hunt them for years to come.  I know it would hunt me at least ‘till next spring especially when Greg and Gail would be throwing it in my face every chance they get.

When City found itself down 2-1 with the game practically over, I had an exchange with Greg, whom I had been trying to avoid throughout the game knowing if we lose he would be having a field day with me.  He asked me what happened to my team and how come we’re having a hard time beating this relegation battling team, all I could do was laugh and told him that today was just not our day.  He quickly said, “Maybe next year”, which followed by “lol”.

We are now in extra time, giving that there was a fight, a few substitutions, the ref decided to add 5 extra minutes.  We basically had 5 minutes to save face and with a minute and a half gone, we had scored to equalize the game.  It was momentous yet we would still lose because a few seconds after we scored, United’s game had ended, which means we would need to win or else we lose to the red devils…again.

Once United’s game ended, for 13 seconds, they along with their game’s commentator thought they were champions, you could see it in their face, like “yeh, we took City’s heart out…again”, and then bang, we scored.  As a fan, it was the most exhilarating experience for me.  Surely I wasn’t alone when a few tears of joy managed to escape under my glasses.


Those 13 seconds are priceless to me because we took something from the rags and pissed off all their fans.  We did the inevitable and years from now when the book is written about this year’s Barclay’s Premiership, those 13 seconds will play a major role and possibly could change the way my team is viewed.

Yes, we’ve been in their shadow but to have finally done it on the last day of the season when the rags thought they had won it is the best early birthday present I could have received.

Now maybe next year we’ll think about letting them win it…but I highly doubt it!

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  • Gail

    The final seconds summed up your performance for the entire season, Citeh fought till the end. Enjoy it this year, we’ll be reclaiming whats rightfully ours next season. I cant wait.

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