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A Quick Laugh | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

A Quick Laugh

A Quick Laugh
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If you have a computer chances are you also have either a Twitter account or a Facebook or in most cases both! I’ve been on both for quite sometimes and they both have helped with the branding of RKM Recordz and Mrprodg.com. I have over 5,000 friends about 80% of which I have never met, but who cares, I feel cool. On the daily my mini feed is usually full of random statements updated every hour on the hour.  My favorite status messages are those that seem to stem from some kind of argument that is taking place on someone’s wall, rather than face to face. These people are considered to be facebook thugs in my eyes. I don’t see the point in hiding behind your status, firing insults, creating drama and escalating tension, but I suppose mission accomplished because chances are the other person is now embarrassed because they have been put on blast for all the world to see, and are probably losing friends as we speak due to the incident. Facebook is the best soap opera on air nowadays.

Earlier this year, a minute long video of an uncle reprimanding his nephew with a belt (the old fashion way) for posting gang related post on facebook. Now it was one of those whoopins where with each strike, the uncle is chastising him…”didn’t      I         tell     you”, so it was intense. The look on the teenage boys face was priceless because he was scared out of his mind and humiliated, because well, the whoopin was taped. The uncle finished up his speech by telling him gang related activity in their family is unacceptable, and “now go put that on your m f’n wall”.  Apparently the boy was then instructed to post his butt whoopin for all the world to see.  The thought of that kinda made me chuckle, I guess his uncle was operating under off the impression that since the boy was so open about other parts of his life why not share this!

What do you think, should this embarrassing moment been posted? Will this kid ever bounce back from this? Was the Uncle wrong for beating him like he did?

I know its 2011 and times have changed, but is it okay to punish our kids? I understand society has evolved for better or worse I am not sure, but is it acceptable to physically discipline our children? Where is the line drawn?

I personally believe that the boy did deserve some sort of disciplinary action for participating or faking to participate in gang related activity, and sometimes there is no way to get through to people unless you hit their pride. I feel that was the main target, his uncle took his pride balloon and popped it with the sharpest needle present. I only wished it wasn’t made public.

With how things are today, it is very necessary for parents to be aware of what their children are doing. There was a time when trouble seemed be so far out of their reach they would have to search for it, now it’s at the click of a button, immediately at their fingertips. There is a line between invading privacy and responsibilities of a parent/guardian, but sometimes a parent or caretaker just has to do what they feel in their heart is best.

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  • Corhinn Brunot

    that was so entertaining that I had to respond. there is nothing wrong in beating that child the way he did, as a matter of fact look at his face he didn’t even feel it. back in my days it was not the belt but instead the dried skin of a goat which is worse then the belt. I commend the uncle 1000% for doing what he did and may he do it again and again and again. because it is best to correct this child now instead of burying him or visiting him in jail.
    I pity parents who “send there kids to their room” or “go to the corner and think about what you did” punishment. Some kids deserve corporal punishment that’s the only way they learn unfortunately. And trust me they are the ones who will thank their parents for keeping them on the right path.

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