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All I Know

All I Know
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love/hate relationship

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Ever had that one person you love but things are always twisted between you guys? Shit be so bad that you don’t even want to see this person.  It’s always an argument about some bullshit or how you fucked up again and again and again.  Well, this piece is along that line.


I miss you when I’m away but I can’t stand the sight of your face during the day.  The closer I get, the more I despise you but as the miles grow thick I can’t help but want you here with me, traveling this dark road.  When we head in different directions my love for you grows.  This hate subsides; you could see it in my eyes. I couldn’t fake being tough because I carry you in my mind and without you I’m weak hoping no one will see that deep down this feeling is invading me.  I’ve insulted you in ways I wouldn’t insult no one else and so have you.  Tears that formed puddles that filled the room, who cares, because all I could think about is the good, the laughs and the good times.

Fuck I’m really wishing you were by my side.  Sitting here listening songs that remind me of you; The old you, the real you before I destroyed who you were. Now you put up these walls so I won’t hurt you, I can’t blame you, and neither can you.  Our love has turned cold like the sky and the moon but the darker it gets, the brighter they shine and the harder we fight, the faster we rise.  This love hate relationship grows deeper and strong with all this stress.  It won’t be long till I’m gone but while I’m here, I’m gonna ride it out with you even if I can’t remember why the hell I love you.  All I know is I do…

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