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BBM Conversation

BBM Conversation
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Had nothing to do the other day and had a chance to hop on my bbm for a quick conversation with someone.  Shit was getting out of control with all her questions and shit and i’m just posting some of the conversation. real funny shit


So she asks me “how do you see me?” I didn’t even know how to respond to that, “What comes to mind when you think of me? “

I’m not even going to lie mah, I think you’re sexy as crazy and on any given day, you can get whoever it is that you want.  It seems to me like everything comes easy to you and maybe that’s our problem because everything comes easy to me too, so I am not chasing, sweating or over working unless we’re in the bedroom role playing.  I understand a woman want to feel special and wants to be courted but shit I don’t have time and energy to court something that’s not guaranteed.  So I play it my way.  We speak when we’re available, we link up when we’re available and when I don’t respond that means I ain’t get to it yet.

“So you mean, you’re not in the least bit attracted to me?”

Sweetie don’t confuse what I said for a lack of interest, in fact I’m very interested but it seems to me at this very moment your plate is full and so giving that I don’t want to waste both of our time, I’m chilling in the back until you’re ready to be cherished.  I know you’re talking to my cuz PhatG, the R&B singer Flav, Abdias the video director, Paz, L-Jay the manager, X, Mack, Dro Baller, Zoe, Jay and ‘em, so I’m giving them first dab on things and if they job ain’t done I’ll intervene and do what I’m supposed to.

I love sports, I love the intensity, the determination of the athletes to win at all cost but when it comes to women I don’t want to compete when it’s a dime a dozen.  I’m going to keep it real honest with you, I’d sleep with you if you had a man, but I am not going to court while 200 other ones are doing the exact same thing (although not as good as I am but still).  I’m not into that shit, my mama ain’t raise no fool.

“I’m sorry you feel that way but I like you and I’d like for us to date and get to know each other exclusively”.

Ok, so how would you like to get the ball rolling? Where would you like to go? What do you want to do? What plans do you have for us? See, I don’t want to be thinking for two, so unless you have your thinking cap, this thing ain’t gonna go anywhere.

“Let’s go to Red Lobsters”!

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  • @ZoeGeneral

    Haha I’m feeling this one fam… Interesting

  • Melie

    wooow elle ses pris une giffle

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