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Behind Bars

Behind Bars
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I love this poem.  My buddy Shadine from Hip Mag wrote it and thought i’d share it with you guys.  I enjoy having different guest writers contribute to my blog so feel free to send me your piece and if they meet my standards i will post them for you.  Enjoy this piece folks!

He stares out to a sea of people
none of them familiar
or maybe by now, too familiar.
How did he get here?
When will he get out?
There is a man inside this uniform
Who screams out, gulping for air.
He comes to, out of the gray box
her voice through the cords
twisting and churning words at him.
He used to be Shaft, should be the shoulder
but like everyone else, she could refuse him
and lock him out while he’s already in.
To think he was going to be quick,
a holla at his boy and drive back to her later.
Now she can only be so close.
He thinks back to the first time he saw those damn thighs
already erect, he switches his stance
leans towards the wall, still sideways
feeling such a yearning that’s so hard to deny, but even harder to say yes
to the need in her inquiry
let her see him broken in, led by a leash.
He hates to say goodbye.
Eyes closed he can feel it, reaching home
when he slides inside her, her legs wrapped around him
and keeps him surrounded in her wet warmth
she cries out his name. Now it’s more persistent.

He starts, oh yes, she must leave now.
He must say goodbye to walk back into the gray.
He sits down, no longer aware of the hardness beneath his ass.
He stares out, no longer hearing the screams in his uniform.

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  • Sha

    Thanks for posting B. I was waiting for an email with your input, but I guess now I already have it. Lol

  • @ZoeGeneral

    Hmm… It would be “HARD” to say goodbye for real… Nice piece though

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