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Bittersweet | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!


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Cleaning out my closet…this piece takes me back to a very special day in my life…unfortunately, we couldn’t live up to the expectations.  Nevertheless, it was a special day.  I even shot a video for this…


It was the perfect Saturday, a rainy Saturday, and the mood was set to make great things happen.  It was a journey I wanted to embark on; I felt ready.  So as I arrived at her door, I felt the joy and happiness she has brought me;

She was sitting on the sofa, I approached her, BIIM playing in the background and so I said…

Baby, as I take your hand on bended knee, please listen to all my reasons and say nothing until the end of my plea; I’ve dabbled in other aspects such as music, and writing, sports and pornography but each and every time my pen embedded in to the crescent of my heart has led me back to you.  I gave you pet names and even deemed myself your little poet; your mama and daddy sure enough knew what they were doing when they made you;
when they made the bed rock to sea wave sounds and wind chimes to create you, when they named you, your name, baby your name’s significance is like sugar on rice.  I love you like Michael Jackson loves plastic surgery, I love you like socks love toes, and I love you like grease loves black girl’s hair, my love runs so deep for you.

And as you stand before me befuddled, know that I am only paying tribute relaying this personal ode that I’ve developed. I want to be your man eternally, be yours forever and a day, want to be completely submissive to your reign; you can have complete control of the remote control and won’t ever have to worry about me not putting the seat down after I pee.

I’d die, cry, lie, pray, crochet, and get scratched for you. I hate titles whips, chains, bondage and ownership but I’m linked to you.   I’m glad you’re here today as I’m showing you my public display of affection, there is no me without you, without you and god, without god and you.  My sweet poetry on bended knee: marry me! Till death do us part, all I need in this life of sin is me and my one and only sweet poetry…

I love you baby…

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I love to write!


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  • krakra...

    “I love you like Michael Jackson loves plastic surgery, I love you like socks love toes, and I love you like
    grease loves black girl’s hair, my love runs so deep for you.” Prodj

    Dude, you are killing me right now, the beauty of words, huh? It “delala” you at times. Loves it!

  • Jamie

    Sigh …. so beautiful …

  • HaitianQueen


  • SM

    We all have bittersweet moments, but it’s how we choose to use them to shape the future that makes them worth remembering. I both cringe at and cherish my bittersweet memories.

  • katt


    You are a Polygamist. First, creole Hip Hop and now Poetery.

    Are they sister wives? LOL! Who’s next? hahahahha

    • lynnaima

      lol, lol, love knows no boundaries, why stop at one!!! lol

  • lynnaima

    Therefore I await a poem from you sir
    If you are so in love with poetry, show her off, show me what you got :-)

  • Seductive J

    Like how your writing leaves my mind yearning for more. Like how there’s always a twist at the end of every story had a literary orgasm yet again!!!! Keep it up…

    • Mr. Prodg


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