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bootyluscious | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!


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The camisole is a pretty red, sleeveless, and barely covers that luscious, round ass. her breasts were really pulling on the lacy fabric as she stood there with this luminous smile on her face so I got up from the bed and walked towards her, took her  in my arms and we shared a kiss, then for some reason we started laughing. Maybe its shyness maybe its awkwardness and here I thought at this age we both would have outgrown it.

That soft whisper is working on my ear along with her gentle mouth and tongue. She was working on that left ear like a professional.

“Are you glad I bought it?”

I whisper back…”Yes”

“Do I look good in it?”

I laugh softly “Yes.”

“You want to see me without it?”


I turned my head and our lips met and melted together.  We stood up, arms around my shoulders, legs around my waist, ankles locked, my hands are on that warm and plushy round ass; she’s so bootyluscious. I felt the nakedness of it in my hands. The body heat coming from her legs and awesome thighs are coming in through my boxer-briefs. I carried her over to the king size bed and lowered her onto it.  I felt her mouth slide from mine and she whispered into my ear to turn off the light. We broke out laughing again ’cause we are still holding onto each other as I tried to turn off the lamp.

I finally got it off and we fell back into the bed.  There are some slow jams playing on the stereo, a reminder of the late night phone calls we gave each other with love ballads in the background.  The only difference is now we are together in the same room and in the same bed jamming together.

I whispered “You know I gotta’ take this thing off, you know i gotta’ feel you next to me” she giggled. “So who the hell is stopping you?”

I leaned over and slowly untied the bow holding it together. The bow opened and I even more slowly removed the negligee exposing the full body underneath.  The skin is a smooth dark chocolate that is gorgeous even in the semi-darkness of the bedroom.  I covered my body with hers gently.

She giggled.”You could at least take off your clothes.”

“Can’t. I have this affliction with my hands; I’m gonna’ need some help.”

I felt the soft, gentleness of her hands as she took off the sweatshirt. Peeled off the boxer-briefs; she tossed them to the side of the bed.  I felt her hands roaming over me.

“You gonna help a Sista get some satisfaction?”

“Uh huh But i want to do something to you first. Don’t move, okay?”

“No matter what I do I don’t want you to move”

“Don’t get freaky” she said jokingly

I laughed “I won’t”

I started to kiss her all over. Soft…Gentle…unhurried.  I started at her neck then worked my way down to her breasts; her belly; the inside of her thighs; her knees; calves and her feet.

I felt her tensed up in pleasure and she gave me that chuckle as in im ready to do anything at this point. So I flipped her onto her belly and started anew. At this point I was in no rush.  I just wanted her to enjoy every second of this. I felt her shudder beneath me.

I whispered into her ear “Are you ready?”

“Yeah and I’m gonna get you back for beating me to the punch like this.”

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  • HaitianQueen

    Wow I really Like this one Prodg, got a bit exciting there. Very sexy

  • Maguie

    Goo but Where is the rest of the story freak man? ;)

  • RF...shasha

    wow love it.

  • LeoganePrincess

    U need to finish this…love it!!!

  • lynn

    waiting for the rest , interestingggggggg

    • Mr. Prodg

      Lol…that’s the end dear

  • lynnaima

    How in the world does one work on an ear AS A PROFESSIONAL!!! No wonder I am such a prude!!! I guess I have more learning to do…to work an ear as a professional lol

    BTW, how do you know? lol, what determines the work of a professional over one who is not? lol

  • trish

    im lovng this wow amazing just sweet and sexy

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