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Crew Love | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Crew Love

Crew Love
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Zoe & the Seides Experience… Written by Zoe and  Mr. Prodg… We simply Write…You decide if it’s Fact or Fiction


Me & Rkm family went out to KOD one night to chill & clear our mind. Once we got there we went straight to the bar & started vibin’ with everybody but across the room were these two beautiful women who were dancing with each other like nobody else was in the room. I told my boy Prodg lets buy a few more bottles & invite them to our table, but SHOCKINGLY he said “nah man, I just wanna drink & vibe tonight” I know it wasn’t the liquor talking so I had to ask him if he was feeling good ’cause usually he wouldn’t hesitate but I brushed it off and kept vibin’ with the homies till I noticed one the chicks looking our way

Since Prodg wasn’t in the mood to vibe with those chicks, I told my boy Phat G “lets go get them n bring them back to the table”. So we went to their section and got started to get friendly with the angels (Isabelle & Mimi) Phat was talking to Isabelle & I was chatting with Mimi but I really wanted to talk to Isabelle (not that Mimi wasn’t sexy but…) so I gave her that look hoping she understands it but she wasn’t paying attention so I kept on talking with Mimi.

Isabelle is about 5’8, very sexy and has a very sexy british accent.  Isabelle is a mix between Porn stars Roxy Reynolds and Lacey Duvalle.  The minute I saw her I knew I wanted to put my hands on her but giving that PhatG was getting his vibe on with her, I had to let it slide for the time being and figured that I’d just holla at her later.

Mimi on the other hand is gorgeous.  She has the most beautiful smile one could ever come across.  She kind of resembles Angel Eyes, Carmen Hayes and Kitten.  Her booty was off the chain, tits hanging out and I kind of felt like they were out looking for a good time.

Since Prodg wasn’t trying to get at them, PhatG and I felt obliged to get the game popping and see how far these chicks wanted to take things.  Music was blasting and tities flying left to right.  Prodg making his quarters rain and Isabelle and Mimi entertaining PhatG and myself.  At times they would switch and on one of the occasions when Isabelle came over to me, I grabbed her, put my hands on her waist and told her I didn’t want the night to end at KOD.  She asked what I had in mind, I told her I wanted to just be with her, regardless of the location, and to just make it happen.

So it’s getting late, 3AM and Prodg is tipsie at this point.  He has 2 strippers with him and it’s that time when a nigga gots to make moves.  So he signaled to me that he was ready to bounce and if me and PhatG was ready.  So I told the girls we would be taking the party back to my place and if they wanted to come through.  They both agreed but said that they had to call one of their friends, Minou, to meet them there.

We got back to my place and Prodg whipped out a bottle of Barbancourt and we’re taking shots.  So now it’s 3 dudes, 5 chicks at the place and we KNOW everyone is about to get it on but no one has taking the initiative so we keep on drinking and talking shit.  We discussed all kind of mess and come to find out the girls were into a whole lot of freaky shit.

So I suggested they strip for us and at first Mimi was a bit insecure about it but once Isabelle took off her bra, Mimi was all in.  Sitting there and staring at their tits, I had no choice but to touch them. I run my tongue down her long neck, over her delicate collarbone and onto her breast, sucking her nipple into my mouth. She lets out a little cry and my cock gets even harder, if that’s possible. She squirms and I switch to the other nipple, licking and suckling it until she’s moaning constantly.

By the time I look over to see what the other guys were doing, the Seides were getting head from 4 chicks.  That’s when I knew we were in for some crew love.  I knew I couldn’t keep Isabelle to myself even though I liked her, so I had to share and let things play themselves out.

Mimi and Minou were swapping spit and Prodg’s two stripper friends were going out at it PhatG and occasionally they would kiss each other’s twat.  Isabelle pushed me to the couch and I could tell she wanted to be part of the action but I wanted her to decide who she would start with. She whipped my dick out like Willow hair and begun to put in some work.  She pushes herself up and licks at the tip of my erection, sucking the head into her hot mouth. Oh, fuck, this feels so good… Her tongue flickers around the head as she draws more and more into her mouth, suckling gently, until her nose is pressed against my groin. Oh, fuck…By the time Mimi came over to help her I just wanted to get inside of her.  Mimi kissed her and they begun to play with each other.  As Isabelle is licking Mimi’s pussy, I stationed behind her and let her have the general from the back.  Her eyes are clenched shut and she’s panting my name on every other breath. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, or sexy.

While I am with these two girls the Seides have three girls to themselves and I see Prodg sweating profusely, he got that signature smirk on his face like “o happy day” and PhatG is taking it all in like he’s making a beat at the studio.  I could tell those three girls were fun so I rushed to send Isabelle and Mimi to the Seides so I can get the other three all to myself.  But first, PhatG had an idea, he wanted all the girls to do each other while we watch.

So I put on some Jamie Foxx and let the show begin.  The two strippers had more experience so they took the lead.  They helped the other three settle down because they were going too fast.  I fucking loved every second of it.  But my night wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t get inside those strippers and I knew Prodg and PhatG felt the same way about Isabelle and Mimi.  So I cut the lights back off and brought the three girls to my corner.

As they begun to playing with my balls there was a knock on the door…I kept on going because I didn’t know if I would get this opportunity again.  As I thrust it all inside of Minou, the knock on the door got more intensifying and I had to open it.  I gave the Seides the nod to go ahead and open it not realizing what it was.

My girl work overnight and it was 7am…as she walks in the house and heads to the kitchen area… it was on!!!!

To be continued…Have a good weekend folks!

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    We simply write, you decide if it’s fact or fiction… Haha

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    I say its fiction inspired byu facts haha

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