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Cynics | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!


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The worse thing about being a visionary is the temporary feeling you get when someone listens to your ideas and responds by saying, “I think you’re in way over your head!” or “I just don’t think that it can be done.” or “That’s not possible.”

How do they know? Have they ever tried? Do they have any experience in doing what it is that we’re talking about? More often than not, the answer is a resounding NO! So why do these people get the urge to almost sub-consciously rebuttal with a negative word or phrase when people simply seek answers to questions?

After getting out of a “business meeting” today, I had to analyze how I feel and why. I had to attempt to understand why I allowed (for a short period of time) a cynic to dampen my mood, to have me walking around with a dark cloud over my head…. After reflection, I realize that it’s because negativity is extremely heavy on the heart…. If people realized how heavy negative thoughts, comments, and actions are I think they would think twice about thwarting one’s enthusiasm….

“Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

I BELIEVE! I can do anything I dare to dream. I am learning that even the educated, professional, and knowledgeable are often ignorant to things that they don’t understand, or they can sometimes allow their intelligent memory make the ignorant to new ideas….

Where does this leave me? I think this was therapy. Even the strong need an outlet at times. I will make a vow right now to never laugh, scrutinize, or belittle another man’s dream or goal no matter how outrageous, or foolish I think it is for as long as I live on this earth!

I think about all the great people in history who went on to become great inventors, philosophers, writers, painters, leaders, and winners despite what the cynics had to say…That gives me hope. I love myself, and I trust myself. I have a passion for what I am involved in…. I trust my business partner(s) and I believe that our ideas will come to pass…That’s all that matters for now!

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  • Love

    I believe the dream will come true also. I think If more people decided to encourage instead of discourage people dreams things would be alot better. Dont ever allow anyone to make you feel like ur idea is unattainable. If no one else says it I believe in you

  • locs

    Bay vag! People will always talk whether it be positive or negative. Continue to do you and call it a day.

  • SM

    You know what you want, have a plan, took initiative and are aiming for it so already you are braver than most and halfway to success with many rooting for you. Brush off the haters.

  • krakrakrakra

    Awww… Reading this makes me sad, but it is “la verite”. those who tends to know nowadays are becoming more ignorant to what’s seems impossible to their views and perception at times, they like to envision result by bypassing the hard works and failure that comes with it.

    • Mr. Prodg

      Lol @ krakra…you’re using big words now. I’m proud of you. :)

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