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Educate Yourself – React

Educate Yourself – React
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I hate reading about these company mergers, 1st it was AT&T and BellSouth, AT&T and T-Mobile, Sprint and Nextell and now T-Mobile and Metro.  I remember a few years back when AT&T merged with BellSouth, which at the time was a huge employer to a lot of people in the South, specifically minorities and among the various repercussions from the merger was the loss of some approximated 10,000 jobs… jobs that never returned again.  

This happen with just any kind of mergers, where these workers may have been “on top of the world.” Now, they are quivering in their boots, wondering what they are going to do to stay afloat. This is very bad news that seems to keep repeating itself. This is a complex issue that is going to send people nosediving into the reality of not thinking pro-actively about several issues, including:

How we politically educate ourselves

Our level of political involvement

How we tell our children to peruse their education.

Who we spend our money with

What we define as “success”

It’s really funny how rapidly people are becoming interested in the importance of localized economies now that Wal-Mart is gobbling up smaller businesses like Cookie Monster going through a bite-sized grab bag of Oreo’s from Quicktrip. Where were these people back when activists first started raising cane about what Nike, The Gap and other clothing giants were doing in other countries? Where were these people when Bill Clinton helped usher in NAFTA and the WTO? What did people think Dr. Martin Luther King meant by “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere?” Do people really think Dr. King was just trying to say some little cute quote for people to throw around the Monday after January 15th every year? Dr. King was telling us as citizens that we have a duty to be concerned about the social welfare of all humans everywhere… because it just might come back to bite us in the rear end later! This is exactly what is happening. The George W. Bush administration was horrible because it took advantage of the already extremely vulnerable level of awareness that his administration inherited and Obama has been trying his best yet he doesn’t have the backup of the HOUSE.

So the mentality of Americans must change. The conscience of the American must lower its oppression tolerance. It must stop saying, “who gives a …” when activists complain about Shell and ExxonMobil’s genocidal exploits in West Africa. Instead, they need to learn to listen and make a priority to dedicate some time to it, and doing whatever they can do in order to do their part in stopping it. Then, people need to stop putting popular fashions over human life. Sweat-X should have never gone out of business, especially in post September 11th America where people were forced to see that what happens abroad affects what happens here. Only when people embrace a lifestyle of social justice can people elect social justice advocating politicians. Why? Because the current political structure is only a pawn for Corporate America. This is why politicians throw around the okey doke phrase, “the economy is getting global now!” Really? Great Caesar’s ghost, Batman! And the world economy wasn’t global before? So the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade wasn’t about economics?

Then, people will have to stop mis-educating their children to be put on the Auction block for these morally bankrupt corporations. Just years ago in the prime of the dot.com revolution, people were telling their children, “Go learn computers!” This was complete reactionary thinking! Now, we have people that were educated for IT positions struggling for work, partly because a lot of their jobs are being outsourced to India. Any education must be supplemented with a social justice education. And a social justice education must replace the “rugged Horatio Algier” mentality with the mentality of, “I am because we are… we are because I am.”

That means if your idea of success depend on whether or not there is a hummer in your front yard in your humongous house to only be occupied by 2 people, then Armageddon awaits you. People like you are spiritually sterile/impotent and useless in the fight against corporate exploitation by the Energy companies alone, let alone the textile companies and every other industry that has been infested with the culture of corruption in America. You are too embarrassed to ride a bike to work, or ride the train on a date. You can’t refrain from buying diamond rings for the sake of preventing more civil war in Africa because you got to have a diamond for your engagement, even if you really don’t love your fiancée and you are just marrying her to look legitimate in front of your family, friends and religious community and plan to get plenty of extramarital sex on the side. Soon, times will continue to worsen and the monkey will jump on your back. The suicide rate in this country will continue to go up and people will continue to get more and more miserable.

At some point, you’ll have to understand the value of communities helping one another. At some point or another, you’ll have to politically re-educate yourself and your children. At some point or another, you must be willing to shop at the local farmers market instead of Wal-Mart.

At some point, we all have to take a closer look and re-evaluate our priorities.

Mr. Prodg…Soon to be Dr. Prodg…

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