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Emann Joasil: WYCLEF, LET ME HOLLER AT YOU | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!


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Wyclef AFACeAFACe wrote this as his Facebook status: “No-one takes responsibility to clear the rubble, the weeks and months pass and still the same”

WYCLEF, if the user of that account is actually you, please stop what you are doing -portraying yourself as the savior of HAITI. You are not. Please quit this nonsense. You are really turning guys like me off for good.

Yes, the rubbles are not being cleared, but are you insinuating that the work is not going to get done unless we elect a President Wyclef to come with a magic stick to transform the face of the country overnight? Change is very dynamic; it does not occur by spontaneous generation. This is the type of paternalism the Haitian people do not need from anybody right about now. We had gone that route before in many instances, and it was very chaotic. Why don’t you stop deifying yourself and start a movement that would mobilize the Haitian people in a “KONBIT” setting to do for themselves what they have been desperately waiting for months from their failed leaders and the international community?

WYCLEF, if you are acting upon your advisors’ counsels, seriously though, you need to fire them. They are doing you a great disservice. Or if you are acting upon your own political instinct, please hire skilled people to advise you. You really need it. Hiring skilled advisors is what politicians do. That will not diminish your political persona. Obama has David Axelrod and others in the White House with him; Bill Clinton had an army of them when he was in the White House. These guys get paid mad money to mount the leader’s attacks and counterattacks. I am sure you heard of guys such as James Carville and Paul Begala. Clinton did not have these guys around to be telling him jokes. Their political savoir faire kept him in the White House for eight successful years, and he still consults with them even beyond his time as president.

When are we going to stop reading and hearing about your complaints and start reading and hearing about a call for action from you to get the Haitians on the ground with tools and trucks to start clearing the rubbles? Leaders don’t complain and whine; they inspire their people to greatness and motivate them to do for themselves what they would have not done otherwise.

Stop your political self-destructive campaign and start getting serious with your movement. You are the face of my generation. You still have it, and you still matter. The future did not stop for you with the upset from the Provisory Electoral Council. That was a political decision, and you and the rest of us know it. Your campaign for 2015 should have started on the day the PEC had made your disqualification official. You need to get to work, my brother.

Well, you don’t need to listen to me. I am a nobody.

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  • Alexandra D

    Well said…

  • Eksqwizit

    yes sir “Well, you don’t need to listen to me. I am a nobody.”

    ha ha ha ha ha I am laughing too much here lol

    I would love to read other guest writers…a variety of writers pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, merci

  • weighty

    gonna send this to my mom

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