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Erotic Mind to Another | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Erotic Mind to Another

Erotic Mind to Another
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Your femininity and female essence is that special match that lights my concupiscence that ignites my desire and my carnal nature and draws my thoughts towards lustful contemplation.  The smell of your perfume or other objects of sublimity flairs up my libido, the closer my proximity to you, to your body heat, to the nearness of your skin to the possibility of your opening yourself to let me in.  You cause me to smile; the smile that dawns the face of Lou Rawls.  When I think of what is embraced by the girding of your draws, peeling them off you, like cheap paint plaster holding your underwear in my mouth, like a dog holding slippers for his master.   As you lay back and partake in a sensual collage that is initiated by a serious tongue to clit massage that causes you to rise like the ocean, and makes your body flutter, this scenario is from one erotic mind, to another.

The sound of your voice that rings soft and clear is arousing, and exciting foreplay to my ears.  The audio-hormonal changes in me that you incite cause me to have wet dreams at night.  Manifestations of a conscious pre-occupied with lust playing out in my sleep; urge fulfillment is a must.  Anxious with desire, of the passions that I’ve tried only to be quieted when sexual healing is applied.  I fizz with emotions as my passions effervesce at the thought of stroking you in tenderness with all that is within me saying yes, yes, yes.  Turning up the heat while nursing on your tender breast; moving towards joining our naked bodies in communion and possibly losing ourselves in a destined union of the ultimate physical intimacy being in and on each other. These are thoughts swirling in my head, from one erotic mind to another.

The touch of your fingertips from your lips to my lips gives me the feeling of one who takes Champagne sips lured by the sweetness contained in the glass intoxicated by the essence of the liquid alcohol mass.  Sweet is your touch that lures my senses and intoxicates my being, lowering my defenses inhibitions take a break, while I move to you, my target, and peel off your clothes, as I would peel a banana from the farmers market.  Slip of a strap here, snap of a button there, unlocking the hooks that leave your back and breast bare.   Still working my fingers while at your form I stare, sliding off your panties, and embracing your bare derriere.  Kissing the soft juicy lips of a femme fatal while sliding myself into your love canal; relishing in a feeling that words can’t even mutter.  I’m getting wet from this thought, from one erotic mind to another.

I pledge allegiance to groove with a myriad of cumming to you more than once, without a rest period as we satisfy our cum ratio, to delight, so much so, that you’ll be relaxed, and will sleep well tonight.  The feeling of your girly gush turns me on, the excitement and the irregularities in our rhythmic groove move me to enticement.  The experience of you causes me to reach a climatic top as I softly cum inside of you, I don’t intend to stop. I keep riding you all night because of my pledge to satisfy you, and bring you to a climatic edge to feel your body rise and fall like ocean swells and to feel your hot wet orgasms, like hot spring wells making your erotically swing, and feeling your body swoon. Makes me feel real nice until the setting of the moon repeatedly activate your orgasmic spout and sputter.  Excited by this thought from one erotic mind, to another

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  • LS

    Oh come on B, we understand that you’re smitten these days but can you feed us with the familiar jargon that we come on here for.

  • HaitianQueen

    Damn that shit is nice, your words are very visual and erotic. Your writing is amazing.

  • marlene joseph

    I like……very nice.

  • krakrakrakra

    “Lol! Hak gin la!

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