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Facebook Relationship Status | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Facebook Relationship Status

Facebook Relationship Status
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When I have free time on my hands I like to go through people’s profile and see what they have been up to; strangely enough, it seems like a lot of people spend a lot of their free time on facebook or twitter.  I can understand twitter because you’re only posting 140 characters but man oh man, people do share a lot on facebook.  I know I tend to post some outrageous things but most of the time I am only joking.  I have seen things from people blasting each other, sexual satisfaction with partner, dissing each other’s family etc. But what really cracks me up is when boyfriend and girlfriends break up on facebook.  It is comical to me.  I feel bad for both parties because while it is accepted in this day and age yet it is a complete disrespect to the individual you were with to break things up over facebook; a public forum where all your friends and that person’s friends can see it. 

I love seeing couples pledge their love to each other over the net. It is so cute.  I was on HMIPIX one time and this guy said he won’t go to any social events unless his wife is there; but truth is, I know this person personally, and I have seen how he deals with other females and it is totally the opposite of what he’s posting.  But maybe when we post these things it is our way of inviting those “daring” individuals to come and check us.  I know personally that I will never change my relationship status to taken because it is none of people’s business.  I know there are a few of you shaking your head at this point but truth be told, who cares if you’re married to so and so; who cares if you love her or him so deeply; who cares if you guys had sex in the cabinet; who cares if he doesn’t like to lick your coochie; do you think I care if he’s not a good father to his children? Do you think I care if he doesn’t come home from work every day? Do you think I care if he spends more time with the homeboys instead of you? And do you think I care to know if he doesn’t take you to parties? Stop posting shit about your relationship in social forums because all that’s going to do is invite other chicks or dudes to check your woman or man.

The minute you invite others to comment on your relationship with your mate then you’re in deep doodle.  Social network is a little different than calling your best friend and telling her how Joe didn’t come home till 11 last night and he smelled like Chanel #5 when he walked in.  Now the minute you post that as your status, you bring your whole friends list into your business.  They don’t need to know what the hommie smelled like when he got home let alone what time he got home.  People love to gossip especially when it has to do with other people’s relationship.  If you want people to leave your man/woman alone just deal with your shit at home and not bring it online.

I know we all want to acknowledge our mate and everything but can you do it without bringing your business online. Keep the private shit at home so that others won’t have a say in how your relationship.  I will be posting the second episode of “A Man’s Perspective” with Mr. Prodg and Corhinn tomorrow; hope you enjoy my chat with Corhinn on this very topic. 

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  • Marz

    THANK THANK THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • corhinnshow

    This is just a preview of what is to come on the show tomorrow night!! stay tuned!!

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  • Cynthia

    I agree 100 % …i think alot of ppl do it on purpose sometimes just to crave attn !

  • illustrious da poet

    When it comes to relationships, I like to keep it personal, seriously, its not like im a celebrity,, where I would need paparazzi attention all times. I really don’t understand the ones who change their relationship statuses every single week. I think they are mentally lost and confused, and it’s a mirror image on how they see themselves in life, I’m referring to the adults. Personally I don’t give a crap about Face book statuses. Relationship gradually change,, u don’t make the status update after 1 week of meeting that person ,, in the beginning ,, things are uncertain, and relationships take time. Nowadays with all these social networks just one simple itsy bitsy click of a button on ur mouse can mark the beginning and end of a relationship, and seriously who would want that.

  • Shelakh

    I def agree with this one. I think some ppl jus have way too much time on their hands. I could never understand why ppl feel the need to put their whole life story on fb. they really don’t understand how detrimental it could be to a friendship, relationship, or even ur job/career. We’re living in a day n age where privacy is almost nonexistent. Its crazy.

    • Mr. Prodg

      I’m not sure if ppl put much thinking into that. I feel as though most relationships that started on fb ends on fb due to too many ppl being in their business. Their every move is accounted for and each step they take in that relationship is shared with the rest of the world. Nothing seems 2b sacred…while I have no issues with couples being on fb just the publizing of their issues/mishaps/relationship milestones (first kiss, first nut etc)

  • katt

    lol! I enjoy these status charades on FB! Pure comedy! Better than them moi!

    • Mr. Prodg

      Lol some of them are hillarious especially after the husband did something wrong

  • krakrakra

    Food for thought!

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  • Bijoux Augustin

    Um, interesting piece.
    I understand YOU do not care what people s relationship status says, its does matters to some. I am one of those people that once/if a guy write me on FB, 1st thing I do is go check out their status, than I go on to their pics, than wall is my last stop before, and thats if I reply to them. If I see a guy status says taken/complicated etc. I dont want jack to do with you. It does matter

    Now, the telling your business is a whole different issue….It is childish, it is disrespectful for SELF, and that person.

    • Mr. Prodg

      You do have a point

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