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Here we go | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Here we go

Here we go
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I killed you a long time ago
But here I find myself
back to what I hate to love,
I missed u.
You exude all extremities,
You took me places
aware of my unconsciousness,
u raped my mind,
broke my heart
you slashed my tongue
I couldn’t utter a word.
Subconsciously dreaming of the conscious you,
You touched my heart with…

Yeh, here we go again…let me stop right here.

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I love to write!


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  • Jamie

    you wrote this?

  • Eksqwizit

    Falling…it is a turbulent tunnel when we give in to what controls us, our thoughts, our bodies. It might be but for a time…ravaging! It is a scary thought for me as I like to be in control of me…
    S C A R Y…

  • TBJay

    How common this is and how scary as well but we all face this is some way or form. Either we have too much courage and eliminate persons that treat us like this. And society persecutes us or call us strange. Or we tolerate it to stay socially accepted. Which one are you.

  • Ley'Lha

    Sometimes what we are scared the most of, is what usually happens…Then to realize that there was nothing to be scared of in the first place.

    • Eksqwizit

      sometimes…but most times, some things/someone overtake(s) our being and we lose who we are…

  • Maguie

    (smilling) this one just remind me of something that happened. Sometimes you can be too scared to try a new thing/relationship so you go back to the past and wondering maybe that thing might change just because you’re too scare to take a risk. I guess It’s hard sometimes to let go and let things happen. Nice one :)

    • Mr. Prodg

      yes, sometimes it is hard..

  • Ceci

    WOW! You took the words right out of my brain…..but I find that these types of experiences are blessings in disguise…

    You should have kept going…*smile*

  • krakrakra

    Lmao@ BLAKEY!!!!!!!!!

    I guess MEN do get HURT!!!! Se bon! lol! I mean, i feel you(cracking up)

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