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Hip Hop: The Miscarriage | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Hip Hop: The Miscarriage

Hip Hop: The Miscarriage
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Graffiti "Hip Hop" in Eugene, Oregon.

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Hip Hop is an art form.  It demands a lot out of you to bring a piece to life that can stimulate others and make them want to hear more of your materials.  Unfortunately, times have changed and Hip Hop has changed for a lot of people.  It is lifeless to the ears of those who really understand hip hop, all deaf to the wants and needs of what hip hop really represents and where music really evolved from.

See people today are mislead to what a real emcee is; thinking that anyone that puts words together that rhyme and put a beat behind it, that automatically makes them another a rapper or a emcee.  From the voice-box-powered “rappers” to the “singing rappers” slowly making more club bangers and less music that make sense, less music that makes people think and a lot less emotion.  What about the people that doesn’t one two-step but the ones that enjoy less stimulation through movement (dancing) and more mental stimulation?

Hip Hop’s past has birthed so many great emcees mostly ones that are gone but not forgotten but ones that understand life.  On the real, how can you rap about something you have never done? Guns you have never bust? Girls you have never hit? Cars you have never pushed?  It’s sad because I witness Hip Hop’s down fall every day.   I witness the birth of rappers that are already dead.


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