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History | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!


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If you put a frog in boiling water, it leaps out but there is a way of killing it.  What has to happen is that you put it in cold water and slowly increase the temperature gradually, until the frog is piping hot and ready to be eaten.

Slow corruption is a powerful weapon. Civil rights are gradually being eroded under the guise of Patriotism and national security.  Eventually we will wake up in FEMA concentration camps but they are slowly building them with much media attention.

How we have become so apathetic, we are thinking about celebrities and sport. Gradually they have taken red pens to the History books and have rewritten them.

Why did Henry Ford say history is bunk? He saw it being doctored in front of his eyes. Every PHD student in history was flown to London and told what to include or more importantly what to exclude from official history. When you are away at work, your kids are being fed junk into their heads. Do not worry though, they will not grow up and believe every political lie, like Saddam has weapons of political destruction. etc.

In no other time have so many been enslaved by so few.

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