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Huffin and Puffin | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Huffin and Puffin

Huffin and Puffin
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It’s funny the things that comes to your head when you’re sitting on that plane, all bored and it’s just you and the clouds.  Here I am on this flight, I have to get back home and all I can think about is our situation. Like damn, who would’ve thought it would come to this.  You huffin, I’m puffin and both of us pissed.  You cussin, I’m fussin, and Love is what we miss.

Relationships have a funny way of making you forget the first kiss.  How you remember the first meeting between a special pair of lips, when you hear that last greeting from those same pair of lips you kissed, But that greeting turned more into a diss, when those lips puckered up and screamed “Nigga you aint shit!!”

When the words from your lips got your girl going into fits, and now y’all got bad blood like a Pyru in a room full of Crips.  See me, I have kissed, licked, and bit those lips, then placed my head below her waist so I could sip those lips, and right when I think we are good and we’re ready to overcome things and all of a sudden, like “Who’s this girl texting you, I KNOW YOU FUCKED THAT BITCH!!!!”,

Baby chill, now if you willing to just let love go, remove the seed from our tree so we don’t let love grow, then I’m willing to say bye and let the river of love flow. It’s hard to swim upstream that something you should know. I don’t understand why me and my cover girl always got to make-up, instead of her wanting to maybe leave or break up, I’d rather her maybe-lean (Maybelline) on my shoulder and cover up her insecurities.

Why throw away what we built for a few Winters after we had a Fall in the Autumn because we made a mistake when we decided to Spring forward during a dear Summer.

What a bummer, if we could build love together like tetris, we would produce a skyscraper that would make Legos jealous, but if you decide to Twin Tower what we have, then you will forever reminisce about what we had, I guess its life’s way of giving the good with the bad. You wouldn’t know what happy was if you never experienced sad.

Damn, who would’ve thought we could’ve made it through this. I’m hugging, you loving, your body bussing like clips. I know how to remember the first meeting between a special pair of lips, because our special pair of lips share a first meeting every time we kiss.


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