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I can’t feel my legs | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

I can’t feel my legs

I can’t feel my legs
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Riding around town and jamming to “Sexfriend” and also trying to come to grasp with the fact that I have been ignored a whole lot lately by a certain individual, so I decided to place a call to a longtime friend from yesteryear.  She and I hadn’t seen each other in so long and so once the phone we were able to rekindle the interest and made plans for me to stop by her house later that night.

She sent me her new address and when I pulled I could tell someone was at the window based on the silhouette and the movements in the blinds.  I hastily turned off my headlights and ping her.  She came out and greeted me, asked me to come in but I politely decline. 

Her mother was inside the house and I was in no position to make her acquaintance.  So she and I stayed outside and touched up on many topics.  Politics, life, love, family life and of course, sex.  The flow of the conversation was extremely lively and there was constant physical contact whether it was a touch here and there, warm embrace and occasional peck.

It felt good to feel wanted again and with her, our chemistry was instantaneous.  I like the vibe that we had and I know I was going to leave her parking lot without exploring her.  She had on a short skirt and a tank top.  Her hair was hanging out and when I asked her if her hair had grown, she told me that it wasn’t hers, threw in my little sarcastic remark and kept it moving. 

She pushed me off against the car and asked me to kiss her like I miss her.  Me being the anti-kisser that I am, told her to get on her knees and kiss it like she misses it.  She quickly got on her knees and unzips my trousers and began to pray. 

Cars were driving by so I told her to get in the backseat and continue on with her prayers.  I pulled her tank top, undo her bra and begun to nibble on her nipples.  As she was reaching her peak she screamed granddaddy put it in. 

I was taken aback by the grandpa talk because she used to call me that back in the days because she say I act like I am 200 years old, little did she know grandpa was about to re-unleash the dragon like cisqo.  So hit up the magnum and told her to hop on and go for a ride.  The ride was so uncomfortable and so she said she would park the booty on the armrest and see where that takes us.  I got up on that ass and begun to put in the work.  The heat was definitely on and I was sweating profusely.  She was screaming, I was digging, and with each stroke I was hitting her walls.

She was breathing real hard.  She was breathing like she had been running a marathon and couldn’t catch her breath.     So I asked her if she wanted to stop.  She said will you be ok, I said baby don’t worry about me, I can wait for mine.  And so I pulled out, pulled off the condom and wiped off my penis with her skirt.

So we stayed in the back of the car for a while and just talk about different things.  As it was getting late, I told her I was going to leave and we will catch up again soon.  But she refused to let me go.  I warned her though, the longer we stay back there, the worst it’s going to be for her because I will be going back in that coochie for a final walk through. 

She began to touch up on me and asking me if this is what I wanted and if it’s all I drove there for, I told her hey, this is something we both wanted and truthfully I can see us doing it over and over again because that pussy is simply the bomb.  She smiled and leaned in for a peck. 

I pulled another magnum out from the stash and had her dress Jr.  This time around she wanted to go to church and being the great preacher that I am, I made sure she raised the roof.  Oh, she testified!  My sermon was more than reinvigorating, it was inspirational.  She screamed and screamed and screamed… grandpa had done the job and as we walked out of the car she asked me to carry her back into the house because she couldn’t feel her legs.

I hugged her goodnight and told her she would be seeing me soon…and very soon.

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