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I gotta be

I gotta be
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I wrote this piece in Haiti last year and i really wanted for it to be part of the book but unfortunately it didn’t make the cut.  Today, i read it for the first time since i wrote it.  I don’t know what high i was on but it’s pretty deep. lol.  Enjoy it!

Ever met someone and years after you part ways, everything finally click?  I mean, yes the relationship is no more but because both of you have grown and mature, you now wished you had known what you know now when you both were younger.  I’ve always been picky when it comes to choosing my main lady. First there was the ex-fiance, then what might have been and at last it was twisted fate.  All three had something that kept me going back for more and real nigga shit I used to daydream about reuniting with one of them.  Still do. Lol.

Now that I know a lot more about me, there are so many things that I want to be to you and being a true man is something I will always be for you. See what I’m trying to say is that I gotta be that special man in your life, the man who will one day fall to one knee and ask you to become his wife.

I gotta be the person you fall asleep next to as well being the first person you wake up to. You must promise me you won’t wear a jersey to sleep though; it’s sexy but let us leave the jersey outfit for the athletes.  I gotta be the person who kisses on your sexy lips, and being the person I hold close to me as we slow dance while I grasp onto your hips (and I know the girls will size you up but who cares you’re the boss lady).

I wanna be the person who makes you so happy til the point where you think this has got to be a dream, but boo this is reality which is all real and we’re a team. I gotta be the one you feel as though you need, as you can tell my love for you is true indeed, I gotta be the one whole love makes you feel so high, it’s like you’re smoking weed. I gotta be the one who fills your life with sunshine, who lays and chills with you as we sip on some wine.

Boo no female can ever take your place; I pray to God that this love we share never be erased. I gotta be the one who sits and stares into your eyes, the person who keeps it real with you and no lies.

I gotta be your other half, you and I together boo you do the math. I’ve been thinking now that I’ve fallen in love with you, what is the next thing I should do, the only thought that comes to mind is forever making you my boo. I’ve gotta be all these things to you and even more, your love is what I adore, as long as my love is with you my heart would never go sore. I gotta be and wanna be your one and only, promise to me that you would never leave me lonely. I gotta be the person who knows about all of your fantasies, who then takes those thoughts and turn them into reality.

I gotta be…

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  • mizzrika

    I’s so in love with this piece, deep and beautiful.

  • lynoush

    I loveeeeeeeee and you are special :)

  • Gail

    One of my favorite pieces, its lovely. My fav line “and I know the girls will size you up but who cares you’re the boss lady”… Every girl wants to hear that :)

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