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I Want The Real

I Want The Real
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Yall already know how much i love to have guest bloggers stop by my crib. My hommie Zoe General from the RKM fam sent me a new joint and it’s real stuff man.  Take a quick look, leave some feedback if you must.  Keep it 1000!


Good evening ladies & gentlemen, I’m chillin vibin to some good hip hop at the crib & saw someone posted “I’m a real nigga” just because some chick said she said she likes  real n*ggaz & would love to be with one. All of sudden he changed his default pic to a “fly” one just so she can notice him; which she did, but it didn’t work out between them… I wonder why lol

Most men call themselves real; specially black men, but I wonder if they really know the definition of a real nigga. They’re quick to claim that they’re real when they’re being questioned. Being a real nigga doesn’t mean telling the truth all the time nor not doing/saying foul shit about others behind their back… While I’m vibin’ to some real hip hop (J. Cole & Lauren Hill) let me take a few mins to define “a real nigga” for yall who don’t know the meaning, so when/if yall cross path with one you’ll automatically acknowledge & respect the real.

Ladies, I’m sure you’ve met a man who calls himself real but turned out to be the opposite. You wonder why? It’s because YOU (women) put so much pressure on men to the point they can’t be themselves, they’re just trying to be what you want them to be. You’re probably asking yourself “What pressure” well, saying things like: “I want a real man who can do this & that” (not in a needy way) “I want a real relationship”… I bet most of yall wouldn’t recognize real if it stood right in front you because yall so blinded & bitter because of your past (not blaming you), but trying to be too careful can lead to bitterness & your emotional wall might be too high for him to please you.

Fellas, I know pussy is a very powerful thing but damn! It shouldn’t be powerful to the point where you have to front about who you are. I already know we NEED woman(en) in our lives, but that’ll never be good excuse to lose your identity because once you lose that, you stop being real to YOURSELF & others

The real is one who knows who he/she is and knows what he/she wants in life & won’t change his/her identity just to please the public’s eyes. We shouldn’t have to pretend to be someone we’re not just to get accepted by those who don’t really know us, but you can’t blame them because you yourself have no idea of who you truly are… Know thyself before claiming to be what you’re not.

“How can you be real with others if you can’t even be real with yourself”

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  • makendal

    speak it me okay what a woman wants in a man as long as if that what she wants is what I have in me. most of the time they’re too needy or not on your same page. Good blog post prodg!

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  • Sha

    Why do mean always assume that most women are needy or say “I want a real” this or that. I have never heard any of my friends say this nor do I recognize “needy” as being a common trait. I think most men front about who they are simply because they are way more insecure than they care to admit. Aside from that women reference I agree to everything the blogger wrote.

    I know I am not perfect, but I do lay my cards out and let a man decide on his own if he wants to take me on flaws and all. I (and I’m sure others) would rather their partner do the same rather than pull a transformers’ act once things get comfortable. The best thing a man can do if he wants to keep it real is to believe that he is good enough and find the woman who thinks he really is ;-)

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