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Life as it comes

Life as it comes
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Happy Sunday! I know many of y’all are going to post that you’re going to church but we both already know it’s a lie. I don’t blame you though; it’s all because of a disease many of us suffered in high school…peer pressure.  So y’all feel like every Sunday, in order to be seen as great people or thoughtful people, you post some bible verse and claim you’re going to church when y’all already know y’all aint been to church since y’all parents baptized y’all.  Lol.

Yesterday, I spoke to my boy Zoe and he sent me his piece about “girl of my dreams” and as I thought deeper about his post, it brought me to my own life and the girl of my dreams or the many women of my dream.  I am not going to lie, I dream about a lot of women because not one woman I have met, have fully captured my attention.  She always seem to be missing something but anyways, I’m happy enough to never hold that against them because it’s never their fault.  Anyways, life is funny sometimes.  You actually never get what you ask for the minute you need it or at least feel like you need it. The breaks sometimes go against you and you’re left clueless as to how to move past that. I must say “Life is so uncertain”.

As Henry Drummond rightly says,

You will find as you look back upon your life that the moments when you have really lived, are the moments when you have done things in a spirit of love.

Certainly setting lofty goals and working hard to achieve them is important. But in this modern commercialized world, this ethic is not promoted. We are led to believe that things come easily, we can avoid unpleasantness, we are entitled, immediate gratification is only a few dollars away and you know what,  perhaps most delightful of all, we are the crux of the people love and interest.  Moreover, when young, we assume that if we jump through the hoops of going to school and colleges, landing with a job, getting married, having children, and making big bucks, we will live happily ever after. Life can seem so certain when we are young and look forward. But this is not the case for all the people.

There are some things in life which are the realities:

  • You cannot predict what will happen in the future, it is total uncertainty.
  • Failures, Difficulties and Emotional Pain are the part and parcel of life.
  • There are only few people who are looking at you. You are not the crux of the universe and never say “Its always because of me and its all me. If you are saying like this then you are to be blamed.”

I think, it is better to accept Life’s Uncertainty. If we know we will be faced with the unexpected, then we will not be surprised and can set about making the necessary adjustments rather than whining and beating our chests in despair.   We can’t perfect life and then get it to stand still. There is nothing in life which is perfect. We can reach to perfect but never become perfect.

There are some experiences in life which we want to grip throughout such as receiving an honor for the achievements, love and adoration of parents, good friendships and being in love.   We want to cherish all those moments and want to save all these things.

At the same time we would like to be able to remove the pain from the loss of a loved one or rejection by a friend. Sometimes, health issues are also present. We would like to remove the pain from overall health problems from the life. But Life is so strange. It helps someway; it screws you the other way. Life is a flow of events, a never-ending succession of peaks and valleys. It is the strange thing that Confusion and uncertainty are season ticket holders on the roller coaster of life.

Life is like a dynamic process with unpredictable curves, stops, reverses and new paths which we may not have control. The best example I can give is of “Love”. What is love? It’s affection, feelings that we possess for our dear ones. There are some people in this world who are lucky to get their first love but to maintain the relationships is not an easy job. There are the peoples who fail to express their feelings or who aren’t so lucky in getting their first love. So now, what should they do? Sit home and cry? Some people get so emotional that they couldn’t even concentrate on other things and keep cursing the luck and the life. But I think, this is not the end of the world. It’s like one door is closed, opening several other doors for your betterment. It is like, without forks in the road we cannot exercise choice and conscience. Without trying times we do not reflect on who we really are…

Life is about giving exams. If you fail, you learn. If you pass, you learn. Learning is important whatever might be the result. If you keep learning in life, nobody can stop you ahead. Life’s like that.  But as the time marches on, an idealistic life is not our life. We make mistakes, we hate to take risks, we are uncertain, financial security seems elusive, there isn’t time to interact properly with those we love, problems continue to mount and we do not feel as though we are gaining more control, but rather losing it.

You have to do what you have never expected, never imagined to do. You do this because there are some things which are giving you trouble and you are not in the position to fight against them. Whatever might be the reason, you do what you never wanted.  You have to face all the pain inside and keep smiling to show the people that you are okay and everything’s fine. But somewhere inside, the heart says “There is nothing stable, System needs to restart.” People say you have changed; you are behaving very rude, you are not talking or going away but sometimes, even we don’t have any answer for the same.  Yes, that’s how life is: Easy from outside, difficult from inside.

When we contrast real life against the ideal, we feel failure, inadequacy, bitterness, social alienation and hopelessness. All because we are chasing a fantasy, an unreal mythology about how life should be rather than how it is. But I feel, we should live life as it comes. Enjoy each and every moment of life as it would never come again. If you feel pain anytime in your life, share it with someone close to you. If I consider my example, whenever I am pissed off or not feeling well due to some reasons and getting into emotions, I drive and go to the beach. This is the place where I can have some peace and silence for the mind to get back to where it was.

I have learnt so many new things in life recently that I wanted to share with you all. So, live life happily and stay focused every time and walk on the path of your interest and goal. It will definitely help you succeed in life.

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