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Listen to the voiceless

Listen to the voiceless
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You can still hear them crying at night, crazy nightmares, wondering, asking, and begging for answers.  In 2010, the stage was all set for something GREAT to happen to the poor island who had been suffering for more than 200 years.  Many expected, including me, for 2010 to turn the tides and make the country great again.  But on January 12, at 4:53 in the afternoon, everything changed.  Many lost their lives, their assets, their hope, and as well as their country.

It is estimated that about 300,000 people lost their lives that day.  People who in many people’s eyes didn’t deserve to die had the country’s leaders listened to the foreign researchers who had warned them about this type of situation.  What could have been done? Could this disaster have been prevented?

When you look at New Orleans and the situation they went through, you just wonder how our people will get out of theirs based on the lack in resources.  You wonder if the aids that have been collected will reach them and how it will be distributed and finally you wonder about the people’s state of mind.   Where is their mind at? How will they overcome this? What about the children? We all know that in many civilized countries people are often offered psychological help after they have gone through a tragedy, and in truth, our people have never been treated by a psychologist which I believe we’re in dire need of.  We went through slavery and never got treated for it thus explains the grip the “light skin” Haitians have on the “dark skin” ones.  Bottom line is, our people need help in overcoming their shortcomings. 

So a year later, where are we at? What has been done? I just got back from Haiti and not much has been changed.  Our people still need a lot of help.  The money that was collected needs to reach them.  They have to get out of these tents; you have newborn babies living in them, women being rape, people dying in them—it’s one of those things that you never imagined and I don’t think anyone would ever voluntarily want to go through that. 

So on this day, a lot of people find themselves in the position they were in minutes after the earth shook…crying, praying, hoping, begging, demanding answers…everyone want to do and say things but are you really representing the voiceless…

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  • Cynthia

    Mmm tell ‘em! Lift Haiti up in our prayers!!!

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