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Little Princess

Little Princess
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The world has changed since the days when a family could easily let their young child cross the street and go play with their schoolmates.  Due to pedophiles, violence and other bad things that has happened beginning in the early 90s, parents are simply being cautious these days when it comes to given their little ones they leeway the parents may have enjoyed as youngsters.  A couple of years ago I remember reading about this young girl who went to play with the neighbor’s kid and she didn’t make it out alive.  My heart cringed when I first that story.

What a sight to have to behold as your mind unfolds and your whole world swirls when you see your little girl in such a horrid state.  She went to see a playmate, “He’s not home,” the monster says.  So she turns to leave, however the monster has something up his sleeve.  Now your imagination goes wild, what did he do to your sweet child? You know for her life and dignity she fought just as she was taught, Even though he tortured her she escaped, He made it so she couldn’t call.  She was strong; she managed to crawl across hall, what a sight to have to behold! Your blood must’ve turned cold when you heard her whimpering at your door.  You open the door she’s there bleeding on the floor and It hits you like a shot to the head, There’s nothing you can do for your dying little princess.

So you begin to ask all sorts of questions; what did I not do? Why couldn’t it be me? Who could do this to her? Where is this monster? When did this world get so evil? These are the questions running through your head and no one can blame for having asked.   As you go on to the impossible task of finding a beautiful dress befitting a true warrior princess.  Placing her in the ground knowing to heaven she is bound; so young, so precious; with her hugs, and kisses you don’t want to part but now you must go on and advocate for the others and please know that she’ll forever dance with doves.

Sweet dreams to all the ‘little princesses’ around the world that fell victim to them fucking sickos…

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  • Terrence

    Mom never told me there are no such thing as monsters, because there are. They look like any and everyone of us. There may still be monsters that look like Aliens (like the movie), but evil walks with us. Don’t worry God walks with us too and He’s going to have his way in All.

  • Cynthia

    You are right ! Society isnt the same as it used to be. Things are only getting worse which is why you have to prepare the little ones for the worst @ an early age ( sad but true ) !

  • SM

    Every time I hear these types of stories I am just baffled at how anyone could harm an innocent child. When news broke about Shaniya Davis I cried and felt broken for weeks. For every lost child we hear about there are thousands of more we don’t know about and millions of hidden monsters around the corner.

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