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Live life to death… | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Live life to death…

Live life to death…
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What’s good people?  Hope everyone had a great summer and hopefully you will have a great end to your year.  I was recently talking to my former roommate from undergrad and the topic of life and death came up.  The conversation got so interesting that I brought my boy who’s currently in the priesthood in Italy into the conversation.  Things got very interesting as the hommies offered their perspective on the topic and so I decided to blog about it and see if you guys had any thoughts on this topic.

Any of you reading this piece is ready for death? Not saying that you want to die, but if it were to happen, do you feel that you have done enough in life to warrant a positive afterlife experience?  Of course my after life is different from yours, but no matter what you believe, most post death beliefs revolve around what we do well we are living.

For me to say “I’m ready for death,” signals three things; to me, anyway. One, you know there’s an expiration date coming up fairly soon with your name written in big, bold letters all across it, and there’s nothing you can do to change your fate.

Two, you’re at the end of your life. You’ve lived it the best way you knew how, and played the cards you were dealt. You’ve accepted there were things you could’ve changed, and have also accepted the fact that some things you just couldn’t.

Last…..you’ve thrown in the towel. Completely given up, might as well call it suicide for cowards.

We really aren’t supposed to know when we’re going to die, so we can’t prepare for it. It’s the beauty of life. The reward is living itself, and sometimes it doesn’t all hinge on well we perform.  Why prepare yourself for unknown chapters you don’t have a hand in, when you are the captain charting your own course right now?

Maybe there really is a heaven with million dollar questions to open those pearly gates, and maybe there is a hell fiery hot, burning with eternal damnation.  All I know is that no one living has ever came back and gave a firsthand account of either one.

Prepare to live. Doing that should be of the utmost importance, urgency, and final resignation. Resign yourself to L-I-F-E.

Something you know how to do, and don’t mind creating. Life isn’t something that’s limited to either this or that. It comes in many different forms, each with its own needs, joys, pains, beauty and rewards.

Can you say that about death?

I’ll never be prepared to die. Especially when I know it won’t be on my own terms.


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  • Maguie

    True,you say it all. No one want to think about it because they haven’t done with what they need to do in life however they forget if death is a part of life. I, personally, not ready for it nevertheless death does not care if you are ready or not it come when he feels like it. The thought of leaving your love ones behind is the pain but yet they have their own date. To me, it just ignore death and live your life to the fullest each day and when death come you have no regrets. Nice one Blake :-)

    • Mr. Prodg

      i dont think its a matter of not doing what they need to, it’s just hard to grab the concept of dying.

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