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Locusts | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!


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Bored at the hotel, I decided to watch some TV and I happened to turn to the History channel for some different programming. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Four things I’d learn:

1_All locusts are essentially grasshoppers
2_But not all grasshoppers are locusts
3_when they travel, they flow with the direction of the wind….in other words, if the wind is blowing eastward….that’s the direction they’ll fly.
4_Locusts are grasshoppers…..transformed

My understanding.

a grasshopper is a solitary insect….living out its life on it own till its time to mate. When they do mate the female digs a deep hole and lays its eggs. The problem with this is…..they breed quickly…..to the point of over-population within a given area. When the over-population reaches a point where each insect is touching/rubbing against each other and a shortage of food is apparent.
A chemical is released within their body. Thus, the transformation begins.

_its wings become 25 to 35 percent longer
_its main body become more stout
_the head become a little smaller but more aerodynamic
_the body changes color

All this transformation takes 3 to 6 days……its natures way of saving the species from starvation.
And that’s the ironic part of it…..while saving itself, it takes the food of others, thus, starving them. (Especially humans)

But humans are no different……if man is in an area where starvation exists, over-whelming danger, poverty, war, etc. Anything that threaten him or his family he transforms and migrates.

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  • kattadakitten

    Often humans are called grasshoppers, children moreso. Perhaps, you are onto something.

    Ineresting comparisons!

  • DaDa

    Good Comparisons!

  • Marie-Yves

    Hmm, nice! Very interesting comparison & good observation points.

  • Eksqwizit

    first part: FACT of course…I do have google duh!!! ha ha ha ha ha

    second part: MY UNDERSTANDING LOL

    You see yourself as:
    a grasshopper is a solitary insect….living out its life on it own till its time to mate
    when you mate, you breed a ton of them and quickly LOL
    within 5-6 days you want to get as many lay as you can LOL
    and after laying season, you start to change…you are not the same man you were when you in need, you transformed into someone where the ladies go “WTH happened?” LOL
    While trying to save yourself back into your solitary land and folks think they are gonna give you grief, you will kill them to save yourself LOL
    Anything anyone says or does that makes you feel threatened or threatening to your status quo is cause for anihilation and then you transform and migrate away LOL

    Yeah! I got a wild imagination I tell yall! LOL

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