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Love…Isn’t it something! | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Love…Isn’t it something!

Love…Isn’t it something!
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People often ask me about love and if I’ve ever been able to fully love without holding back. Back then my answer was always no but over the past 3 years I have been really committed, I’ve been honest, on point, dedicated, and very supportive. I have wholeheartedly fallen in love and because of that I am a better person. When I was first introduced to her, clearly I had my doubts. I didn’t like her heavy Haitian accent; I didn’t like her foul mouth, the way she would dress to certain events, I also didn’t like all the rumors that were circulating out there about her, but I saw past that, saw past her not so pleasant reputation. I allowed myself to like her without passing any judgments because at the end of the day I wanted to treat her just like I would expect in return. Truth to be told, it was the best thing I could have done. Anyone who have come in contact with me know that I have never hidden my love, I often drive around town with her and people would ask me why I am with her, or why am I all up in her like that but those who question me can’t possibly understand the depth of my love. They are incapable of understanding this union, it’s a perfect marriage.

In the words of the good old book, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you”.

I meet a lot of older Haitians and they often would say, you’re such a nice guy, you seem educated, and why are you with this chick? As if she’s out of my league or something.  Don’t you think she would taint your reputation, they would ask? Do you honestly think she would ever be your equal? How do you introduce someone like that to your parents?

I mean gosh, they would ask me all these foolish questions. Sometimes I feel so bad for her because she be right next to me when they ask all these dumbass questions. But one thing they often tend to forget is that being intellectual or educated has nothing to do with love; her past isn’t my past so no it won’t taint my reputation, matter of fact, what reputation are they referring to? So how do I introduce her to my parents, well, she’s been introduced and she is well liked. My parents only reservation is that people will judge me base on who I choose to love but you know what though, I don’t really give a flying duck. Those who judge me or her are the ones who never really took the time out to really understand us. They have never taking a second to listen to her stories, her pain, her plights, her journey, and her sufferings.

I love her and regardless of your sentiments towards her, my love remain unfazed.

I love Creole Hip Hop.

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  • jamie

    Love it!

  • Katt

    Now, that’s what I call a twist!

    Hmmph! :-)

    I really enjoy the personification of CHH into a woman. :-)

  • Ley'Lha

    I have read all of your posts, some more than others…I have to admit, this one so far is my ULTIMATE FAVORITE…W O W

  • DaDa


  • Maguie

    You got me there! I love this one…well done Blake!!

  • kryp tonite


  • Marie-Yves

    I love it, that’s deep…NICE!

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  • HaitianQueen

    Really like this one Blake. Other people opinions dont matter as long as you are happy?

  • Jenny Jacques

    Very Nice!

  • locs

    After all this time you still love her?! Wow that speaks volumes.

  • Emann Joasil

    That was a nice piece. You did the right thing to keep us glued into the ready only to unveil the name of the young lady at the very end.

    Yeah, Creole Hip Hop has been badmouthed in the Haitian community. No matter what they had said and continue to be saying about you two, the love is already there. lol

    • Mr. Prodg

      Can’t take the love away bro

  • ZoeGeneral

    Damn I love this piece cuzzoe!…. M’gentan pansé se de on fanm serye wap pale la wi lol

    • Mr. Prodg

      Lol. That’s my first wife

  • Love

    Excellent job sweetie. Excellent job. The LOVE you have for the music is so pure and so infallible that it amazes me. This is a love that most people will never experience in their lifetime.

  • SM

    It’s great how you address Haitian society’s hang ups about Hip hop Kreyol and women as part of the text, without even sounding preachy. This reminds me of great odes to hip hop. I don’t just like this piece, I love it!

  • Signifigant1

    WOW!!! You really got me on this one…you are good, damn good! You are really gifted and the name says it all! :)

  • bee

    Wow that was amazing!!

  • isabelle

    so when can i meet her cuz?

  • lynnaima

    The grand dame, the first lady, the queen, she will break your heart Mr. P, the one we love the most always does

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