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John Steinbeck’s….Of Mice and Men | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

John Steinbeck’s….Of Mice and Men

John Steinbeck’s….Of Mice and Men
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I was walking around WallMart the other shopping for something totally different but  this 107 page book caught my eyes and I so 6 bucks later it was all mine.   It was a separate bookshelf with a few classics and general books.  When I first saw the title, Of Mice and Men….I remember the plays and the movie version of the book. When I was younger it was referred to a lot in my literature/English classes.

This book has been written a long long long time ago and I questioned how relevant it would be but to my surprise, I was entertained. Not bad for a book written in 1935.  It also displayed the attitude of people during the Great Depression.

The 3 towns that are mentioned are Monterey, Salinas, and Weed….all in California…Central and Northern ends. And Yes, I’ve been to all 3.  But Salinas, California is where it takes place…..two men approach a small lake with a stream on a hot summer day. Their plans are to work on a local farm for short period of time and then move-on. And it ends with one of them getting shot/killed.

From pages 68 to 83

Involves a black man names “Crooks”….a stable buck who does odd jobs on the ranch and helps maintain the horses and mules. He has a “permanent” position while others are just passing through long enough to get a couple of paychecks. He’s no dummy!

Another intriguing part of the story was the “dream” to have a “stake” of their own…to own a few acres, and work those few acres and to beholden to no one except yourself. As one character said it…….Most of my life I’ve planted crops but they weren’t mine! And I harvested crops and they weren’t mine!

Four men ended up sharing this dream, which included the black man…They came this close, so close….it was becoming reality. Then a white woman who didn’t like her husband, just wed two weeks earlier and her over-jealous husband screwed it up.


Anyway, it was a good and surprising read for me.

So if you don’t have much to do for the weekend, pick up a copy of this great book and take a break from all the madness in this world.


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  • Bee

    Thanks for taking me back. OF MICE AND MEN was one of my favorite reading assignments back in my SBHS days!!

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