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Nora: Can I have a minute please | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Nora: Can I have a minute please

Nora: Can I have a minute please
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Sitting on the side of the road, listening to “Anniversary” by B-More’s own Los, I am touched by some of his words.  The line “if 1+ 1 = LOVE, how does 2 feel” resonates deep within.  So on this very rainy day, can I please have a minute of your time?  Please once again touch my face, tell me that things would be ok.   Allow my head rest on your shoulders and please don’t tell me to stop spilling this tears I have.  Nora, please softly massage my shoulders.

Why don’t you begin to talk to me about the good days and how we will grow old, how we will never ever go our separate ways?   Please give me a minute of your time, more than in any time before.  I really need someone to listen to me.  I am feeling bleak.  My soul is lost, never felt this cold ever before.  I need you once again Nora, the only one who felt my pain, right before I’ll go insane or spill the tears, without a phone call, back then no text, you’ll be right besides me ready to watch me sink.

I remember that seductive wink after you dried your eyes and I’ll ask for your forgiveness.  I need your wink, your smile, and your words once again for there is no one who is in my way to revive me from losing in this game.  Everyone is leaving, Loo is gone, Ish is gone, TF is gone, even Gilles is gone.  They must have seen the thunderstorms; they must have heard the lightning bolts, so everyone seems to have run for shelter.

Who can blame them right?? That’s why I loved you very much for you still flied your kite and was not afraid of given up your life to attempt to get me off my sinking mind.  I should have done more than I did; I was the one with the ultimate mistake.  Just reminiscing about it and my knees begin to shake, my heart begins to choke, my eyes begin to over flow and my soul wants to run away.  If i would have known the future, I would have left the ringer on and answer the phone call.  I would have rushed to your side to keep you warm just like you always did for me when my heart was in harm.  Yet I did not give you your place and now more than ever wish you were on my side hearing my secrets, my pain.

Can I have a minute of your time, up in the heavens please smile at me once more.  Insanity grows in my mind, I always prayed and wished to meet someone like you and with you I did but too young to realize.  Now I’m here trying to dream about you, trying to hear your voice in the wind as the breeze settles in and trying to feel your touch.

You’re the angel that left at a young age, the one I was supposed to grow old with.  Now you’re in heaven making god jealous while I’m here in a mental danger zone, mental fucking war trying to revive my heart with words, forcing just to see you once again.

I miss you, I love you, I need you to pull me out my hell because you’re the only one I’ve known that no matter how cold my heart felt you never went away, yet was closer, trying and trying to save me from falling down this cliff.  Now I’m here remembering you this sad day, tears hitting this white page sounding like a fossils leak, wishing I could hear your voice, feel your touch, rest my head on your shoulders.

Not once did you ever try to tell me to stop my tears yet continuously comforting and allowing me to pour it all out, rubbing my shoulders and towards the end, saying it would be ok, for we will grow old and we both would be together to heal each other’s heart from the wrath and rage of life, yet you rest in the skies above and I’m still stuck in the wrath and rage, hoping you can be able to with me communicate and stop me from seen you once again.

I love you Nora..miss you a lot…

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