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Obama’s weakness HIGHLIGHTED in the debate | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Obama’s weakness HIGHLIGHTED in the debate

Obama’s weakness HIGHLIGHTED in the debate
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Passivity. The same thing we’ve been upset with him for, from the get go. I labeled it as Obama doesn’t “have the eye of the tiger.” He proved it in the first debate.

Romney was ‘crisp’, focused, he had a game plan and executed it well, even ‘steam-rolling’ the moderator to get his hits in.

Obama was, well, laid back….

There’s a time for cool  but not when you’re POTUS fighting for your life in a debate. He was so laid back he came off as passive. He didn’t hit Romney with ANY of the nonsense Romney’s been spewing for months. Nothing about the “47%,” Bain, off-shore accounts, China, the value of Obamacare for women, i.e., free mammograms, etc. He had so much he could have come at Romney with, but he didn’t. He was, well, boring (the whole debate, really, was boring ).

One commentator said that Obama can’t stand Romney. He wasn’t mad at McCain, but that he thinks Romney is an “empty suit” (his words). He said he thinks Obama’s staff told him to not get too heated with Romney because Obama so dislikes him, they figured it would show and people would be turned off.

My take? His supporters would NEVER be turned off by the eye of the tiger…..Which I truly believe Obama lacks. JMO

There’re a couple more debates scheduled. Obama better get a game plan; better show more energy, something. Someone said Romney went up 20 points in the poll taken right after the debate!

Nearly forgot – Obama did say that Romney’s “plans” would cost the taxpayer $7 TRILLION…. but he let Romney get away with saying “No, it won’t…..”  EVERYBODY knows that’s a LIE!!!! Yet Obama just stood there repeating himself without once calling him a liar, without once saying – “well that’s not what you’ve been saying for the past 6 months!” Nothing. **sigh**

Romney brought up the bailout of the banks. Obama said nothing about his utter SUCCESS in Detroit with that same bailout, said nothing about most of those firms he bailed out have REPAID their loans in full……

Well. Obama evidently felt it was more important to be “liked” than to be considered decisive, forceful, a leader. All ole boy has going for him now is his phenomenal LUCK (I tell you, when it comes to politics, the man is superman lucky!), and of course, 2 more debates. Almost ALL his supporters, black AND white, are very disappointed with his lackluster, passive performance on Wednesday night.

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