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On My Way

On My Way
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Massage in Frankfurt, Germany

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After months and months of anticipation, I am finally on my way. I’m on my way to open your door when you get out of the car from a long day of work.  Slowly take your shoes off and pick you up and carry you inside our beautiful home. On my way to carry you through our candle lit, and tropical scented, home, with rose peddled on the floor.  We make our way to the bathroom where an already made milk foam bath, with roses peddles rippling in the water. Finding my way around the zipper of your blouse ‘for I am on my way to take your clothes off, piece by piece, leaving you in nothing but your bra and panties last to disrobe. Ill fix your bra, and watch it drop from your ample breast, and pull your panties off inch by inch till their on the floor.

On my way to pick you up and place you in the bath, washing your hair and massaging your neck and then washing you from head to toe as my hands cruise your body. On my way to dry you off and carry you to our final destination…the bedroom…to lay you down on the bed. On my way to give you therapeutic full body massage, rubbing your head, neck, shoulders, back, soft ass, thighs, and feet. On my way to blow slowly down your body, making you feel a chill down your body. On my way to kiss and lick down your body till i reach your…. well I’m a gentlemen i don’t kiss and tell, and I’ll let your imagination do the rest. So indeed please know, no matter how long it takes to get where you are, baby, I’m on my way.

I’m licking your center, don’t cringe just embrace it. I’m creating words and making new directions in new locations. Grab my head move it with my tongue motion and push me in deeper so I can lick the tip of your clit and make my face moist. I rise licking my lips enjoying the taste of you. Unzip me baby while I lay on the bed. I lay on one end of the bed you, you lay on top of me the other. You intake my lengthy cock in your mouth while you’re on top, and I from the bottom wrap my arms around your thighs holding your ass in my hands as I devour you. Slurping, and smacking one could swear we had no lesson on proper etiquette. We moved on because you leaned up and embraced me with precious kisses.

I roll you over, me lying on top of you, and you the on bottom. I spread your legs and plunge into your wet, warm pussy as you have your initial gasp. In and out, a steady rhythm that’s gathering and increasing in force and pace. Your arms wrapped around my muscle rip backed moaning and screaming but in no dialect of this world to express how you’re feeling. I transfer your legs to my shoulders to go deeper. Damn I love it when I go deeper.

I can tell you’re feeling it now because your nails sink deeper in the sheets of our bed. As I pull you to the edge of the bed with your ass hanging off, I’m standing up with your legs still on my shoulders and your back rested on the bed. Feeling the vibration of your ass and while I pound your pussy elevated. Now I’m moving you to my kryptonite, you on all fours with your round ass taunting me while you jiggle it to tease me. I’m going in from the back knowing this is the end for me and you. I go hard from behind. Me feeling you cumming, dripping continuously while I work in and out at a fast…and accelerated pace feeling the smack of your ass against my thighs. I’m cumming, it’s surging, you screaming, I’m releasing…the release all over your back side. We’re laying next to each other, exhausted, sweaty and breathing hard. We’re laughing real hard knowing this is just round one.

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  • kahlua drinks

    It was nice to read your post. Thank you for posting this piece!

  • mizzrika

    hmm everytime I read this piece, I wish a certain someone was on its way…smh I need to stop reading it

  • Melie

    i need a someone like this lol this is the perfect one i think woooowwww

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