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Phone disrobing | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Phone disrobing

Phone disrobing
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So I am on the phone with this shawty and she’s asking me what I got on and ish.

“Don’t you know that you can’t ask me this question until I’ve asked you first? What makes you think I’m gonna describe to you what I am doing while I take off my clothes to go to sleep?”

She’s like “you were gonna take them off anyway”

“Yeah and”, I said “but I wasn’t expecting an audience while I do so.”

Indulge me” she said softly, “just this once Mr. P”

I agreed to do it because it was on my list of freaky things to do; you can call it my sexbucket list.

So I do your bidding Miss lady,” I threw back the comforters and with phone in hand, I described to her what I am doing.

I slowly took off my socks, then the t-shirt and when I got to the boxer-briefs, shawty told me to pause.  At this point I wasn’t really thinking about anything freaky but once she stopped me, I figured she had a few ideas.  So she said…

Imagine that it’s me that’s taking them off.”

Eyes closed, shawty literally told me step by step how to remove them. Mesmerized, I listened to her voice and like a good student; I did exactly what she said. Normally taking them off is no biggie, you just reach down and peel them off. This is the first time I find taking off underwear to be an erotic experience.

Slowly she instructed me…

“Let yourself go by paying close attention to the cotton exposing your skin to the cool air”, she said, “concentrate on the cloth moving down past your privates, past your thighs, over your knees and off your ankles.”

It wasn’t so much the action of taking them off, but the way her voice sounded when passed on her instructions. Soft, hotly erotic as though she was there doing it for me.

“Are you naked now? Are you aroused?” she whispered.

I thought I was good at doing this over the phone, inwardly I tell myself, this shawty is as good as you are….maybe better.

“Yes” to both questions I answered.

“You want me to undress for you?” she asked.

“What are you wearing?” I said.

Thick white socks, panties, and a bra under a tee shirt,”

“Hmmmmm would you do that?”

Only if you ask me….I mean you really gotta’ ask me and you gotta mean it….Ask me like you’re in the same room with me…..Ask me like you really want to see me do that.” she said.

That whisper is doing a number not only on my hearing, but my resolve as well. So I lose myself willingly in this game; I knew that I wanted to proceed and sort of make it a meaningful step in our relationship. My voice is sincere ’cause in my mind’s eye, she was right before me. To my surprise I really want you to do that for me. She giggled softly and gave me a play by play of what she is doing as she took off her clothes.

I have seen several women disrobe for me, I mean, what guy hasn’t? This is the first time I’ve had a woman describe to me what she is doing with a phone in her hand! It’s not phone sex, that’s a whole different animal…This is just teasing taken to a whole new level.

Something tells me that she was getting off on doing it as I listened to her do it.

“I have to admit dear” I said, “When you finally got that bra off, I really didn’t need those comforters too much anymore!”

She told me to pull the covers back over my body ’cause she was doing the same. Tyrese is singing in the background, about losing his woman and it was completely silent for over 3 minutes as we listened to Tyrese sing his heart out.

“Are you really aroused now?” she said.  Again that whisper is working its magic.
“Yes”, I answered.

“You still want to get better acquainted over the phone?” she said, “You still think that ish is gonna work?”

I wasn’t too sure what she meant but I said “No, I see your point. I liked how you bounced that booty up on me at Eden Roc the other day; liked how you pushed up against the wall at that zouk event.”

“I like when you make me laugh” she said, “I appreciate how you’re constantly keeping a smile on my face and I love being with you at the Smithsonian.”

At this point things were clearly moving in the right direction; I knew I wanted more but I was waiting on her to say something…and finally she said…

“Where do we go from here?”

I don’t know but I make it a habit never to expect too much. I just go with the flow and let time dictate where things go. I apologize if that’s not what you expected to hear, but that is the only answer I have at this point and time.”

I could feel a smirk so I said “this is a big ass bed and I wish you were here.

She whispered into the phone “Can I come to you right now poison man?”

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    Why don’t

  • HaitianQueen

    Well I like this one Prodg, phone teasing is great as it opens the mind up to so many ideas and fantasies. But i have to say the Sexbucket List is hilarious. Is it a big list?

  • Maguie

    Hmmm, that’s what I thought u have to get a list.How long it is anyway? loll…it’s nice to have fun….good job and I believe that is a fact. ;)

  • LeoganePrincess

    I need to start seeing ur writing on the screen

  • katt

    I read and I decided: this is Faction! LOL


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