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Rebel Divine

Rebel Divine
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Having had a chance to travel the country a bit, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet a lot of people.  Some sticks around for the long haul while others disappear after a few months.  Back in 2001, I did an internship in the Midwest and had a chance to see life from a different perspective.  I met a lot of good people and that summer will always be dear to me.  Recently, I was on the phone with one of the girls I met that summer and we were basically talking about our growth and how far we have come and things we have overcome.  She described me as a Rebel Divine.

Lost in space and time, contemplating my reality, everyone interprets me differently.  Truth is I could care less, the less people really know me the less to stress.  The perception you have of me is the one you earned, much like respect you only get from me what’s deserved. A lot of people sometimes assume that I am mean but If your feelings get hurt, suck it up and walk it off.  I’m not here to blow up the spot, my reality isn’t the same one most share, most people wouldn’t dare have taken a lot of the risks that I’ve taken in my life.  To say I wasn’t scared would be a lie, but it’s my fear that’s kept me alive.

Don’t get it twisted I fear no man.  It’s the racism, the messed up government system, the abuse and scandals that I’m ducking.   I’ve walked through the valley of the shadow of death ready to face the worst and made it back only to write another blog entry.   Blessed with the ability to add to the story of my life, I wear my pressed slacks and dress shirts keeping fresh and always clean.

Friends know me as a Rebel Divine; the opposite of everything strangers perceive is what I am inside.  I need not explain who I am or where I come from or all the things I’ve done, no need to give you more of me than you earn, I only give bits and pieces of me for free.

Love is blind can you see me?

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