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Relationship Sabotage | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Relationship Sabotage

Relationship Sabotage
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I am cleaning out my closet, so I am posting some old stuff that was on my notepad.  Most of these were written a while back, I am sure you might find them relevant.  In any event, enjoy and thanks again to my faithful readers.  I am working for you and this time you will be very happy with the end result.  This piece is for all my dudes and dudettes who are in a relationship.  Just going to tell you something I have experienced in the past, I bet once you’re done reading the piece, you will be chuckling saying to yourself, “that shit happened to me before”.  Happy reading!


Relationships are like a well-tuned automobile journal. Man and woman work together to get this machine running perfectly.

Then one day, the woman feels the machine can use a little more work. “What if I do this”, she thinks…..she puts water where the oil goes, switch the spark plug wires around, does whatever else.

So the man jumps into the car and starts it….the car sputters, coughs and then dies. He looks under the hood and sees what happens. He gets mad and yells at her, she becomes frustrated and yells back and wonders why their relationship is screwed up.

Case in point: For five weeks we had picnic together, gone on walks at the park, movies, gone on a couple of trips and made love numerous times.

Then on our 6th week…she says, “I just want to be friends. I think we’re moving too fast and so I decided not to have sex with you anymore.”

To me, that means we are breaking up. We talk for a little while longer then I left.

Three weeks later she wants to get together again….I said “No”; I’m talking to someone else now. She gets frustrated and hang-up on me.

Some women can’t leave well enough alone.

Can you relate????

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