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Same Man

Same Man
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The other day as I was walking out of SOBs a man stopped me and asked, if I knew where he lived?  Looking at him with a slight grin, I spoke with a stern voice, no Sir.  He nodded and gently walked away.  Later that day as I was about to do some grocery shopping at a local supermarket, while exiting my vehicle, the same man approached me with a smile but didn’t say anything.  At this point, I have this confused look on my face, so I ignored the smile and proceeded out of my car.

While in the grocery store I begin to notice by memory, a dark but inspiring shadow, it was that same motherfucking man.  His ass was holding an envelope and soon as we made eye contact, he begun to sing “A House is not a home until some one’s there”. Feeling a bit frightening at this point, I dropped all my groceries and proceeded home.  Only to find, that same man on my front porch feeding the birds, and whistling stand by me.  Now, I’m really like, WTF is going on here?  What did I do? Why is this man following me? Am I in trouble?  I begun to think back to see if I’ve done something that would warrant an arrest or something and I couldn’t come up with anything.


As I approached him his words begin to clutter from being nervous, I asked him questions. But he told me that I already knew the answers. Shocked by his remarks, I picked up the envelope that he had placed in front of him, and opened it with care. Inside, I found a picture of me standing in front of a mirror with no reflection. It was that same man.  Suddenly he spoke, all this time I have been trying to catch your attention but was ignored and overlooked. I even sang your favorite song and fed the birds as you did when you were little. I used your muscles to smile but did not get a response. “’I’m your conscience” he added, so stand by me.

No one would ever believe that a mind could later conceive understanding a status achieved. Rotation of a cycle of a never-ending fan could be a cycle of that same man.

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  • Provocative Woman

    I must say “Same Man” is my favorite piece. Now, I’m questionsing my inner self to find out if I haven’t been running away from the same person(me) all this time. An author once wrote, “we are so accustomed to disguise ourselves to others that in the end we become disguise to ourselves.”

    • Mr. Prodg

      Sometimes we blame others for our issues when in fact its us who are the problem. I’ve been able to connect with my inner demons and work my shit out on my own so that i don’t take my frustration out on people.

  • Shelakh

    I love this piece. Ur definitely right sometimes we are so caught up playing the blame game we do not see our own fault in the situation. Great job.

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