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Couch Sexssion | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Couch Sexssion

Couch Sexssion
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My mind drifts to her as I am sitting in the living room watching TV….It must have been her scent since I now notice her, coming out of the corner of my left eye. My heart came to life and acknowledges the beauty that is oh so transparent. She is now facing me. “How do I look”, she asked. Stunning, is all I could utter! Her dress, hers shoes, the light make up she wore; all in synch….

I was filled with this excitement which led me to quickly jump of the couch and kissed her with this urge… She kissed me back as she softly utters: “Baby, I gotta go. I’m running late.” Her body language was singing another tune, yearning for more. I couldn’t bring myself to let her go…

Avoiding her plea, I began to caress her neck, unhooking her straps. “Uhmmm,” a soft moan escaped from within. At this point, we both knew where this was going to lead. As much as she was in a hurry to run out, her heart would not let go.

Now that her dress is completely off, I took a moment to contemplate the beauty of her womanhood, running my eyes down her body. Her epicenter froze my attention completely. Breathing insatiably, I sit her down on the couch with every intention to feast deep within her goodies. I dig head first, caressing her thighs ever so gently. The sight of her goose bumps as my head moves closer to her Mount Rushmore enticed me even more. My tongue was possessed by some satanic force, wanted nothing more than to explore her inner being. Her moans were getting louder as my tongue follows her every gyration. The louder she screams, the more her juices flow and the more I wanted to please her.

“Alleluiah”, she exhaled as her pussy dances in ecstasy. Hastily, she pushed me down, falling on the couch; she slipped down my shorts revealing my erecting penis in all its glory. “Beautiful”, she exclaimed before she welcomes me into her mouth…. But Knowing there was unfinished business down her thighs, I pull out of her mouth, ardently picked her up and flipped her upside down, exposing her complete vagina in my face. The sweet scented strawberry filled my nostrils, invading my mouth leaving me yawning for more.

You see, watching my woman cum has this strong effect in me….Erected, I was ready to bust as she climaxed but she begged me to enter the sanctuary of her pussy, imploring me to stick it into her deeper and deeper as she ferociously rides my cock to explosion. The harder she rides, the tighter she holds onto my neck. Our bodies were in synch, mouth to mouth, heart to heart, breath to breath….At the verge of climaxing, “You’re my King”, she whispers, with her finger nails deeply implanted in my back. “Baby, I fucking love”, she screams as we climaxed together.

Not the type who cuss but our love making always brings the wild side of her out. Rocking a smile of pride, I kissed her, reassuring her that the feeling was mutual….Out the door she ran leaving all smiles on the couch as I contemplate our next sexssion.

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  • Emann

    Was she late for work? Well, maybe she was just a quickie for breakfast. lol

    • Mr. Prodg

      lol yes she was

  • Emann

    Was she late for work? Well, maybe she was just having a quickie for breakfast. lol

  • msNDpendent

    I really enjoyed reading that. hmmmm I had to put myself in her spot 4 a minute, I think i wet myself X_X

  • katt

    Quickies for breakfast! I likes! LOL Potential Piece: Quicky for breafast! :-)

    Hawt Piece if I must say. Makes me wanna be someone’s breakfast

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