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In my mind | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

In my mind

In my mind
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Let my words gently massage your mental cortex while I prep you for a different kind of lovemaking.  Let me lick and lightly kiss your imagination as if I were playing and teasing your swollen nipples. Feel the flow of eroticism to your mind stiffening your thoughts. Watch as my eyes widen as you bare your naked soul to me, awed by the immense beauty that it possesses. The intertwining of our souls begins to create sensations in our mental. Soft moans escape our lips as our minds start to cream with ecstasy. Let me drink the inebriating juice that surges from your heart as if I were drinking from the river that pours from your thighs. Lick my mind and overwhelm my senses with your soft sighs and purrs as if you were teasing my earlobe and neck with gentle nibbles and bites.

Can you feel the power of this verbal sexation that is taking us to a new horizon? Let us marvel at the coming together of our spirits, entering one another with great spontaneous combustion, accompanied by quiet screams and powerful movements, creating a spiritual intercourse between our souls. Your mouth expands ever so wide to accept the protrusion of my mind while it hardens from your soft words that act as gentle licks; moans leave my lips while you continue to take all of me. Leaving me with the wanting of more of you, still I want to wildly ride your mind, much like mounting you from behind creating erotic imagery from each mental stroking of your mind.

Until your mind, spirit, and soul begin to flow with the river of passion just like the flood of orgasms that flows from your moist center. Orgasms that send shockwaves through both our systems that outweighs any physical contact known in the universe.  The tantra ends with gentle words of care and emotion for all things in love that are worth having are abstract.

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I love to write!


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  • HaitianQueen

    I am reading this and scratching my head in amazement. I love the metaphors you are using DAMN so good.

  • corhinnshow

    Love the play of words…Well done Prodg!

  • Shelakh

    Damn…ur figurative language is crazy in this one. Can’t stop thinking about that last line…it seems so simple yet powerful at once. Love it.

    • Mr. Prodg

      Thanks :)

  • Love

    Love it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Privacy

    Mindfuck! hmmmmmmmmmmmm dayum!!!

  • locs

    Wow. You’ve always marveled me with your words. I like this lots!

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