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She put her hands on yah! | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

She put her hands on yah!

She put her hands on yah!
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I visited a friend of mine yesterday and when I got there, an argument started between him and his woman.  They argued long enough for things to get physical and when it did, I just excused myself, got in my car and left.  What is one supposed to do when a woman hit you, what do you do? What are you supposed to do? Is your instinct about what to do different than what you actually do? What does your instinct say to do versus what you actually do?

What if a woman was instigating you to hit her? Like “Go ahead and hit me nigga, you ain’t nuthin! If you can’t hit me then you sure can’t hit a nigga! You just a punk mf’er you can’t do nuthin! Weak punk*** nigga!”

I heard it all that day and I wished I didn’t witness anything because I’ve been questioned by way too many people since it happened. In the latter, I think women have gotten so used to men exhibiting violence, in that, they now need for him to show that so he can demonstrate that he really is a man.

In the former… who knows why women hit a man. There are plenty of reasons.

Some men say they would never hit a woman. They would walk away, hold or restrain her to calm her down, and then may leave – entirely or just for a minutes or a few hours.

Some men say that if a b**** hit them, then they’re gonna hit her…. because she should have known better than to hit anybody.

Some men say they would they would slap her really hard, make her cry and that would stop her from hitting. They wouldn’t punch her ‘like a man.’

What about the situations, does that matter? What if her instigating to be hit became a constant thing during an argument?

What if she was seemingly nice and sweet at first, but during a heated argument she couldn’t control her anger and always sought to hit you?

Does it matter if she is wife, sex associate (common referred to as ‘friends with benefits), girlfriend or whatever? Is there ever a time a woman ‘deserves’ to be hit?

Regardless of your “Personal” feeling, just think logically before you do anything stupid.

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