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Silent Observer

Silent Observer
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For many of you who rely on twitter and Facebook to read the news, I am sure you heard of the Penn State University sexual misconduct case involving one of their former assistant coaches.  The case took on a life of its own to the point where a legendary coach was fired as well as the president of the university.  One would wonder why would you fire these two people if they had nothing to do with it? Well, we all have a moral obligation in this world and sometimes doing what’s right isn’t enough.  Joe Patterno, the head coach, when he found out about the incident he reported it to his boss and his boss reported it to the police.  Patterno never followed up to see what was going on and for someone of his stature to not do  more, the media called on the school to fire him because he was supposed to do more than just report it.  Lives were at risk and he should have cared a bit more.  But on the other hand, I know there are a lot of people out there who believe that sometimes its simply ok to do what is required of you and nothing more.

I found myself in a crazy situation a while back.  As I reflect on things I know what I should have done but I didn’t have the courage.

I once saw an angel locked in chains, bruises on her body from a man afraid of losing her and scars on her heart from rape. I never actually met her but I watched her for a long time.  In a way, I loved her but I’ve always been afraid of love, you see? Maybe that’s why I never tried to help her, never tried to talk to her when our eyes met each day.  What was strange was that she seemed to know because on that last day our eyes ever met, her eyes told me that she understood and that she forgave me.  There was something very different about the glance we exchanged that day, It lasted just a little longer than usual.  I wanted to run up and hug her, even though I never even knew her name.  It was the last time anyone saw her…

I once knew and angel bound in chains yet foolishly I remained a silent observer

I’m sorry…

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  • mizzrika

    well I think the best of us at some point were silent observers. Growing up we are just more aware of the consequences of our inaction. which makes it important for us to expose the generation after us to this because so much going these days Penn State, bullying in schools (this girl in Qc only 15 yrs old just commited suicide and they are so many out there just like her)

  • Margie

    Surprising to think of somehtnig like that

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