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The Corporate Slave Ship | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

The Corporate Slave Ship

The Corporate Slave Ship
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The Corporate Slave Ship is a place where the master remains Underhanded and the slaves remain under paid and underappreciated.

I accept the Corporate Slave Ship for what it is, a trade driven by money, greed, and what we call the, “American Dream.”

Slaves are made to believe that we work to have nice things, take vacations (that we never have time to take and are snubbed if we actually manage to drag our azz out of the office.)

The “American Dream” is a lie, well the materialistic part of it…and I (like most of you) buy right into it…….

I was having a conversation with my brother Ed the other day and we were discussing how hard times have gotten and how the things we were able to lavishly spend on a few years ago are just way too expensive now to even waste our hard earn cash on.

so i begin to ponder about this immigrant family who has been in the states for over 25 years.  The father works at a factory and giving that he’s been there for over 20 years, he brings home about 35k a year.  The mother works at a coffee shop and she brings in about 14k.  That’s a total of 49k for the family.  Their oldest daughter is about to head off to college and based on her reputation, the only scholarship she’s getting is to the jaw moving school, so a free ride to a traditional college isn’t on the radar.  So they’re going to have to make a huge decision pretty soon, should the oldest get a job while attending a local community college or should the father double up his shift at work just to be able to help his daughter work towards a life different from his.

Hmm……if the father can pull 20 hours of overtime for a month, he will be able to purchase a plane ticket to go see his family back in his homeland whom he hasn’t seen in over 20 years but thanks to Obama, his family was able to get TPS.    But if he wants the whole family to go, he has to double up his shift.  Now how crazy is this mess?

You know its funny, when it comes to the “American Dream,” no one ever bothers to emphasize the importance of the little things we take for granted (side note: so help me good, if I hear President Obama or anyone else say, “They hate us for our Freedom” one more time, I might actually throw up). Because in America, the little things don’t matter!

We have become such slaves to this way of life that any alternative to happiness is gone. So tomorrow, this hard working family will return to the Corporate Slave ship and continue to be under paid and under-appreciated.

Ain’t that a bitch!

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