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So my people cry

So my people cry
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The cry of a people locked in internal strife where political corruption, economical struggle, drugs, murder, and despair are a part of daily life. They strive to survive in this jungle we call home and they try to win the battles though they fight all alone. Their strategies are weak and the warriors are few, so the cry of the habitants of Haiti is “what are we going to do?”.

Today a people locked in strife took to the streets and began to fight; The cause they say was injustice to a people; it has been 10 months since the Earthquake and my people’s are still living on the streets, sleeping in tents; though they protest the results of their efforts seems to be so feeble. They loot, kill and set fire to the hood and the only thing hurt is the cause of the good. I know you’re hungry, I know you want to see a change but we must not go back to the years of the past.  Violence on our streets is, oh, so sad…..Let’s think with our minds and not just with our hearts or we’ll see our community just fall apart.

We must find peace, love and forgiveness for the bad.  Let’s begin by setting good examples for the future generation because the young ones learn from us and always keep in mind that the more negative we display, the future generation will carry that same negative vibe into the future.  There are other ways of expressing our grief not by taking the law in our hand and destroying our streets.  We must live, work and grow in our community so to accomplish our goals let’s establish some unity.  Yes, this is the cry of a people doing battle everyday while only holding to their faith, keeps them from harm’s way. Why do they struggle everyday to reclaim what’s rightfully theirs?

So love, peace and understanding they can pass on to their heirs. To the children they rear they try to instill hope and explain to them that Haiti will be a better nation one day.  We mustn’t lose faith.  We have to believe ‘for the Lord hears the cry of the Haitian masses.


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