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Staring at the window | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Staring at the window

Staring at the window
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Sunset Over a Strip Mall

Image by Rich Anderson via Flickr

I woke up in the middle of the night and here I am staring at the world from the window.  My mind is racing, there are so much going on, so many people dying, so many suffering and it seems like we’re not doing enough to help them survive and overcome their obstacles.  I stand here looking down and oh what a shame; I see my people in ruins; not my people in the ethnic sense, but my people as in human race.  We can stand aside and watch each other suffer yet we can sleep like babies at night.

We live by the “Oh well, it ain’t me” policy until we’re the one who is down and out then we reach our hands up for help not remembering we’ve never reached down to help.  Yup, this is us, humanity, at the top of the food chain with our “civilized” tactics, destroying all that nature has to offer to build a strip mall.  How funny to say that it’s hard to breathe now after all the trees are gone.

We live in places where we help from a distance but not those who fall before our face and when someone advances first, Oh boy, Oh boy it’s because of his or her race.  We’re the last to look within ourselves and blame faults to our own.  But sooner or later the day will come where no one has a home.  So I’ll just stay inside for now because I hate this view from a window.


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  • Bella-Gail

    Amazing piece as usual Mr. Prodg. The “Oh well, it ain’t me” policy is all too real for many of us.

  • Terrence Brown

    Most won’t want to hear this but it is very true. Some can’t even help from a distance most times. These are hard time we live in. They aren’t getting easier when people follow human nature like this.

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