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What do I want? NO, seriously…What exactly is it that I want from this world? What do I expect to gain from my existence? As I revel over the questions and attempt to formulate an answer I think it’s quite simple. One of the universal laws of nature tells us that thoughts are things. And those who align their thoughts with their deepest desires, their actions will soon follow.

My toughest challenge is trying to remain focused.  There are so many distractions out there. I believe that my purpose is well defined; however I firmly believe that I’m still a work in progress and that I am not ready to receive such blessings. I’m just learning how to appreciate the journey which I believe is most critical to success. What does it mean to appreciate the journey? Simply loving the fact that you are one with the wind. Not taking for granted the fact that you are in a capitalistic society, in the 21st century, the information age, where it’s possible to go from 0- multi millionaire in almost the blink of an eye, a time when things aren’t perfect, but they are definitely the best they have ever been, particularly for black and brown people. Every day I strive to learn and grow, and I realize that my past insecurities about experience, education, power and money were all “smoke and mirrors.” If I allow the idea of what I don’t have intimidated me it makes it almost impossible to achieve my goals. So, I focus on what I can control.

How do you know the direction that you are going is the right one? Is that where human intuition kicks in? Does it simply feel good? Are you able to determine whether you’re going to, or coming from? I think we sub-consciously do both! In order to make a change for the better, one has to identify where they have been that creates the undesired circumstances, and then make an effort to leave that place. As they are leaving that place, they are moving toward a new and hopefully more desired destination. We are all creatures of habit. We cannot expect change until those old habits are replaced with habits that are geared towards our desired goals.

I proved to myself that habits can be broken! I was a nail biter all throughout my childhood, teen, and some of my adult life. When I made it up in my mind to stop, I focused my attention on detail. I saw value in having well groomed nails. And to think, for all this time I prayed, for success yet I never had control over self. I had bad habits, that I chose to ignore, and honestly I think that it’s a good thing that God didn’t give me all that I asked for in the past…I wasn’t ready. My next challenge is the conditioning of my body. This may be the toughest challenge yet. Once again, I am up against “conditioning” of the mind. I have been out of shape for the majority of my life. Poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and pure laziness resulted in things getting worse as I got older. Body fat has set in, and has gotten quite comfortable in, and around my stomach area! I now have a weekly workout routine, and I am determined to change my habits. Success depends on me!


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  • LS

    Success does depend on us. I’ve stressed that to my clients for years. I am a firm believer that life is exactly what you make of it. You’ve been on a roll these past few days. Great piece!

  • krakrakrakra

    Life, success,and values is all what YOU ought to make it; you can change the future by understanding the present, you can’t move forward without knowing the past failures and what not, once determination Sets in, you can accomplish all.

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