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Sweet Love

Sweet Love
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I try sharing my mind but I feel you don’t see the signs. Sweetie right now, I’m dealing with strife but rests assure that I want you in my life. You are the light from the Sun and, you say I’m the One and you wait patiently but, darling, I don’t think you see what I am dealing with.  My world is extremely crazy at this point.  A lot of distractions, a lot of negativity, people pulling me from all angles but I need you to be patient with me.

If you knew how I feel, all the thoughts of you that surround me, understand that many chases but few have found me.   I wish you could see how I feel and yes sweetie I love the way you love me; I like the way you show me love in every way.   I know I’m far away and I know you need me today but just “when” is so hard to say.

Right now, there’s so much in the way, you need so much love and I’m who you want it from.  There’s so much you’ll get from me but, darling, I don’t think you truly see what is going on, I wish I could make you understand, I like the way you give me love in every way and Darling, you have been a good friend to me and the love you have for me is of the endless kind…But for right now, let’s just be friends.  I am not ready for your kind of love.


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  • Shelakh

    I can definitely relate to this piece.-ts hard when everythngs right but the timing. While its painful for both parties, I can appreciate ur frankness and honesty. Hopefully she has a lot of patience. Either way, I feel like if its meant to be then it will at the right time.

  • mode

    I think this is a way of saying let’s be friends with benefits or you can hang around while I do me. Since you are honest this young lady should move on, no need to be friends or whatever you’re offering. I believe when someone wants to be with another they make it happen in spite of all.

    • Mr. Prodg

      Very funny take on the piece Mode. Nowhere in this piece did I alluded to having slept with her or had anything beyond friendship. And for me wanting to do me, well, all I said was I had 2 deal with some ish. But hey maybe it doesn’t read the same on your screen. Tks again for commenting.

  • katt

    Must you defend every interpretation from your readers? Once you do, it takes away from the disclaimer of this blog as a whole: ” I write you decide whether it’s fiction or not!” Remember? :-)

    Other than that, the frankness of the piece is much appreciated! If only folks would do that more often in the real world! :-)

    • Mr. Prodg

      I just feel like the person forgot to put her glasses on bc from reading her comments her eyes are definitely glued shut

    • Privacy

      Heed to kitty’s wisdom-wise friend!

      Now what in the world is “THAT KIND of love”? It makes it sound like a really bad thing that no one wants, dirty, restraining, possessive, destroying type of love.

      My take is there is never an appropritate time for love, there is just the right package for love. This to say, if it comes in the package we want, damn all situations or readiness, we will run with the damn thing!

      One can’t reason love…nope!

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  • beatrix

    I’ve been on the receiving end of the I AM NOT READY speech. I believe its a sweet gentle let down. The politically correct way of telling someone you care about that you’re not interested in them in a romantic way while trying not to hurt their feelings . True love would not allow the lack of time or ambitious endeavors to interfere under any circumstances. When you’re in love and the feeling is mutual nothing and no one will keep you away from her . Great piece my friend. Your work always hits close to home .

  • Nem

    “I’m not ready for your kind of love.” Someone long ago said the same exact line to me…
    Fast forward, 15 years later the same guy confessed and apologized to me by saying, “you are a good woman; I now understand (after failed relationships) how much you loved me.”
    “Everything is right but timing.” It’s an excuse to get out of the relationship. Life is not always going to be the way we want it.
    We always let that “good one get away” because we allow all that “back ground noise” interfere with the true purpose of our union (there is a reason why we meet the people we do; but no one ever thinks of that reason). The “it me not you” line is used more by a guy that a female. Really, who does not want a good person standing by them if they are going through so much “strife”?
    Even if you were saying all these good things, you were not being truthful. In the piece you say to her that “I love the way you love me”, but you never say that you love her, only that you “wish she could see how you feel”. Let the truth flow already!
    Anyway, you contradict yourself a lot in this piece.

  • locs

    I’m certain we’ve all been there done that. Sometimes we have to decide if the what outweighs the who. Interesting piece. Believe it or not this piece helped me with something that’s been heavy on my mind. Grazi

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