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Tales of the Booty | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Tales of the Booty

Tales of the Booty
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Thinking back to the days I used to post “booty of the day” on my facebook page, it got me thinking about “the booty” and what about that make us men go crazy.  What is it about this thing that sits on top of her back and got all the extra fat and juiciness up and under it the mass of meat that us dudes love to see?  What about it make us want to put in our hands and watch it move and shake?  Spend our hard earn dollars at strip clubs (in my case, quarters) watching them dance and do all kind of nasty ish with their booty; what about the booty that makes us dream of getting deep into it, penis whip it and have it bounce on our penis like a basketball? Is the booty really the root of all evil?

I used to date this woman name Lauryn and when she used to wear some tight fitting jeans, she had the attention of everyone she would come in contact with.  She was very proud of her booty and she didn’t mind showing it off; guys used to drool over her and when we were out “dizam” is what we would hear them whisper.  Ass was so firm and wide and high and round; I bet a small baby can rest comfortably on top of that ass; when she was dancing for me in the bedroom I would want me to shake it fast and so when it stops going up and down the waves of her vibrations would still reverberate in my mind. Till this day, I still wonder if it was her personality, her eloquence, her poetry, or her booty that attracted me in the first place. I wished more of that lustful attention was spent on her and vagina rather than the presence of her succulent round mounds of booty.

In my circle of friends, we always find ourselves talking about some chick’s booty and some of my dudes would definitely call themselves an “ass man”.  So my boy X introduced me to his last shawty, Vianna and she perfectly fit that description; I used to ask X if that was the only reason he would want to be with that chick because she was blessed with a lot of ass but nothing else.  Her booty made a dude want to show her how good you can work that stick; smack, taste, lick and feel the naked flesh of her booty in your hands, rubbing your penis all over it; ish got you so hot you probably wouldn’t notice the fake moaning these girls do at times because you can’t stand to pull away from it.

Could someone please tell me why fellaz love a girl with some big booty?  What is it about the booty that makes all these white boys go crazy when they see a black chick with thick ass?  now you have white dudes trying to grab their ass and white girls hitting up their rich daddies and hubbies so they can go purchase and be part of the “thick ass club”, this porn star derriere, hip hop film study, making dudes clutch their stuff kind of material and have skinny models envious years from now when their bulimia isn’t popular anymore and their anorexia left them shapeless to get a piece of that rocker, that shaker, the thing that makes girlfriends ask they wondering eyes boyfriend questions;

I know a lot of relationships that have ended because of someone else’s booty…is it really the root of all evil? I definitely don’t believe that though but it does make a man like me “pause” for a couple of seconds.

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  • DaDa

    I don’t think booty is the root of all evil, but its a beautiful thing that men love!

  • HaitianQueen

    Oh wow well hilarious throwing quarters on the stage :)), well the booty is enticing. Some of us have it and yes use it can be used for evil but for me men will look, want and wonder DAMN. It is a def fascination with the BOOTY of the pleasures that can be had.

  • HaitianQueen

    Nothing is ever wrong with a beautiful round booty. And if a relationship ends because of someone elses booty that is a very weak man.

  • katt

    I guess the big booty women can best answer the question for you or perhaps your ass buddies! :-)

  • SM

    I have a booty. I don’t think it’s huge, but it’s round, firm and has a way of sticking out on its own.

    It’s always been evident that I’d have to grown into it: in baby pics my diaper seemed to be the biggest part of me, in elementary school it didn’t match my flat body and in high school it brought some embarassement. I remember saying “once I get money I’m going to liposuction the hell out of my butt so I can finally have peace” lol. Well, now I’m approaching my 30s and love my body, including my booty. I think there is something about curves, hourglass shape and a round booty that is very feminine. Feminine and soft like the pin up girls of the 50s and men like that.

    While I can understand a man’s fascination with a woman’s body and booty, a true man knows how to glance over the booty to rest his eyes on a woman’s face and appreciate her for what she is: more than a booty.

  • Maguie

    I think the guys need to tell us why they love our big booty so much. I ex-always tell me”if you’re dieting please Do Not try to do anything with your booty”. i don’t think my butt is that big but sometime I hate it because it”s heard to buy anything in the store. It’s very heard to find something to fit the booty and the waist(different sizes…loll but to tell you and real man will not love because of the booty but your personality that match the beauty of that person.

  • Jenny Jacques

    lol u funny Blake . I wonder if woman think about men’s booty too lol . U should ask the ladies that question ahaaa.

  • Eksqwizit

    wow! this explains why I am not lucky, gotta buy me some booty! lol dang!!!!

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