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The issue of Same-Sex Marriage | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

The issue of Same-Sex Marriage

The issue of Same-Sex Marriage
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Now, on to one of the main focus of the RNC & DNC, same sex marriage. If it happens, it happens. The one thing I sincerely wish for life as we know it is to have everybody overdose on whatever it is they desire. We, as humans, have yet to know when to say when, when it matters the most. We are always pushing for more, bigger, better, faster, smaller, etc.

I’m not for redefining marriage. If you ask me to vote for it, I will happily do so against it every time. I have no problem with gays, lesbians, the bisexual or transgendered. I have a couple closet ones in my family. It’s not about that. It’s about challenging the authority and actual existence of God himself. There are too many people fashioning gods for themselves that paints the Most High as a totally permissible figure, who accepts any and everything. And that simply isn’t true.

If He didn’t have set standards there would be no battle between good and evil. We wouldn’t know the difference. We wouldn’t know about boundaries, because the line that originated with him would’ve never been drawn.  But, that’s just how everybody wants it. To have a god that draws his lines in the mud, so they can come in and wash them away at will and woe to anybody who dares to use the Bible as a tool for defense.

I don’t understand why so many people are against using Scripture to uphold moral ground.  I reckon it is because it’s the one thing that leaves no room for confusion. We can twist, bend, shape, and distort it all until we die. But, the one thing we always fall away from, yet come back to, is a sense of right and wrong.

We can tolerate and respect a person’s wishes to live as he or she chooses. If you’re gay, no we shouldn’t take matters into our own hands and deny you employment, housing, health benefits, an education, or even a good time. That’s passing judgment. That’s preventing another person from living and making a living.

God has laid a moral foundation that we have strayed from far too often, in the spirit of holding a non-judgmental, all inclusive attitude. If we had stayed in unison with God’s wishes, just think of where all the time, effort, and money spent towards fighting and combating deadly diseases could’ve went.

My boy TB recently posted something on his Facebook page that was a slam against Christianity. But notice how nobody challenges what a vegetarian decides to put on their plate. Notice how the word instantly brings to mind the words pure and healthy. It’s the right way to live, if only we had the willpower, right?

And aren’t they the ones who love telling the world what is right and wrong? We are all familiar with organizations like Green Peace and PETA. We all know about people pelting those who wear fur, eat KFC, and don’t mind downing triple cheeseburgers with a bucket of fries and a Diet Coke.  And we applaud them. We even give in to their demands. We change. We deny. We pull out the scientific studies that actually change every few years, but what heck!!! We are saving people from themselves. And it’s all alright. But let a Christian take a “moral” stand and we instantly wish to tear them, and the podium from whence they speak, down and with such fascinating fervor, too.

Look at what the Catholic Church, in all its sinister glory, could’ve avoided if it had not sought to make gods out of men. Think about all the children that have been stained and forever marked if they had let men respond to their nature in a way that pleased God.  But no. They got caught up in being too literal with the word of God, and we find them representing something other than His original intention for mankind.  And I find that is what people are doing with the issue of marriage.

Ann Curry is someone I have a lot of respect for and not too long ago she was doing an interview and said this “God said marriage is supposed to be between a man and woman. Yet King Solomon had over 700 *wives* and *concubines*. “

I respect that.

So, no matter how one may try to avoid and distort the truth and validity of the Bible, no matter who touched what when, there are still some basic elements we will never be able to deny, distort, or destroy.

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