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The Perfect Execution: Dead End | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

The Perfect Execution: Dead End

The Perfect Execution: Dead End
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Excerpt from The Perfect Execution written by yours truly…I wrote this piece in 2007.  Its all done and i’m currently in discussion with two production companies in trying to bring this piece to life. Stay tuned!


Here we are sitting at the park, talking about our past misfortunes and our experiences.  I could tell she and I was going to have a long night, it seems like the perfect match, the mate that we both were waiting for.  So I leaned over and kissed her, the first kiss is always awkward and sometimes you just have to roll with the flow.  No matter what happens, you need not think about it and proceed on with whatever it is you were discussing.  So when that first kissed happen, I could tell she liked it, so I kissed her some more.  I wanted to fondle her but there were too many people walking around, so I had to subdue my raging hormones.  Now some might be wondering why I would want to do that but as I mentioned, sometimes you just have to go with the flow.  You can’t necessarily plan these things out for they may not be executed properly.  I knew she wanted me to touch her and feel all up on her but it wasn’t right.  We were at the wrong place and to continue exploring her lips would get us both in trouble.  Given that I was staying with family, there was no way I could take her back to the house, so we made plans to meet at a later date and prayerfully explore each other sexually.

As we left the park, I couldn’t help it but to touch her buttocks, her breast and anything that my hands could easily grab.  She liked it.  It was different.  So when we got back in the car, I wanted to do her right then and there but she was too shy.  So I reached over to the driver’s seat and touch her thighs, and as my hands travel down to her panties, I was evaluating her body reaction.  She was wet.  Dripping wet.  So I pulled out my shaft and let her feel on it, she surprised me when she put it in her mouth.  Right there on the streets, I was getting ready to make history and get it on.  Deep within, I was joyous.  I couldn’t contain my contentment.  So after she properly licked the shaft, she realized that I wasn’t going to ejaculate so we drove off.  As she’s driving, my fingers playing with her clitoris, we realized that we were running out gas, so we made a stop.  As I walked towards the teller she softly said, “Get a condom if you don’t already have one.”  I on the other hand is wondering where we’re going to do it since she didn’t feel comfortable bringing me over to her place.

So the search was on, we had to find a place to get it on.  The urge was too much to handle.   I wanted her and she wanted me, and by this time I was ready to bust a nut.  I was overly excited and I feared if I didn’t get the nookie that night, I would have suffered from blue balls.  Alas, we found a dead end, so we parked the car and started to make out.  The kisses were so soft, her touch was arousing, her caress was uncanny, and the poison man had finally landed a major fish.  So I surrendered and let her do what she had to do.  So I put the condom on and on top of the horsey she got, boy, shawty could move.  As she was getting ready to reach her peak, we heard a loud bang on the window, shoot, it was the police.  They asked us for proper documents and requests that they stepped out the car.  Shawty was so slick, she told the police that I had been away from home for a while and I am only back in town for one night; and because we couldn’t a hotel room, we had to find another alternative.  She being the charmer that she is, pleaded with the cops and they let us go.

She felt so dirty but at the time I was just so happy that after the cops had knocked on the windows I held her on top of me long enough to bust that nut.   Those cops had me stepped out of the car with the condom still attached to my penis.  I still get a kick out that.


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I love to write!


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  • Seductive J

    Can’t wait for the book… Good job…. Felt like I was reading an erotic by zane or eric jerome dickey!

  • corhinnshow

    I second that motion…Very well written…Got me glued to the screen from beginning to end. Love the twist because I really thought that something was going to happen to the man..but Bravo!!!

  • SM

    If this is part of a bigger story, I’d rather an except with a cliffhanger because this part could stand on its own. Good, juicy, shows your playful side :)

  • F. pierre

    hold on did you get out of the car with a hard on?….. man i enjoy the whole senario pretty spantoneous.

  • Me

    I think the book will be an interesting read, too!

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