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The Trees | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

The Trees

The Trees
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Autumn trees

Image by blmiers2 via Flickr

Happy New Year to you all!  I’ve been in my own zone since the turn of the New Year.  I’ve been really concentrating on a novel and it’s taking a lot of my time. I may never publish it but the process of putting it together is kind of fun.  An old friend of mine from Italy is helping with the plot and so far it has been fun.  Anyways, today is the 12th day of the year and for many people it is just a regular Thursday where they still have to go to their crappy job and pretend like they’re doing something just so they can take home a paycheck that will barely pay the bills.  But for many of my Haitian friends, it is a day of remembering as two years ago today, the small island of Hispaniola was hit with a shattering earthquake that took more than 300,000 lives.  I’m really not a patriotic dude but I know the significance of the day to Haitians across the world.


I didn’t think much of it when I saw the tree at first glance but then as I stared deeper and I saw more meaning at the second glance of this earth’s plant.  The tree reflects us humans, and the suns like its mother providing it with warmth.  The temperature the tree goes through is like the world we face as nature takes it’s coarse.  The trees stems are like our body, and the leaves on it are our emotions.  At times the cold world can be unkind and cause us to lose our emotions like the leaves when winters frozen.  When storms come the rain drops on the trees are like tears that are symbolic of our pain.

As a young lad my parents used to preach toughness and so what doesn’t destroy us builds us like water food for trees, our pain becomes our strengths grains.   The winter and the storms are only temporary one day the warm sunshine will again emerge.  Once the warm days re-service so will your leafs of emotions they’ll be reserved.

In this cold world of bad weather like tough times, you must stand proud like a tree when it’s misty; for the sunny days and warm weather will always return once the world completes the rotation of 360.  Whether it’s hit by ice or wind nothing stops the direction of the rivers flow.  Whether we fall or we’re doubted by others nothing like the river should stop our ability to grow.  Like the roads we travel, the rivers does experiences some paths that are rocky but it’ still goes straight never to the side.  Like the river you must always look straight ahead and forget the distractions on the side.

Water is like knowledge it feeds the flowers so they can become a thing of beauty.  Good food, education, and map plans are our water come indulge and we will all fulfill our duties.  I watch the birds closely and when they stop flying high I’ll know were the limits end.  Those with that are struggling are like caterpillars and they’ll in time emerge like butterflies when the minutes end.

The sky is like our true destiny in it is a dimension that couldn’t be found by a helicopter.  It’s there that I hope one day to be among earths many watchers.  The path for you is clear take it and you’ll see things ahead that are greater.  Look deep within the horticulture it’s there the solutions lie within the forces of nature.

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