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The butterfly effect | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

The butterfly effect

The butterfly effect
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I’ve been wrestling with this question since Shirley Sherod decline to take her old position back.  I started thinking about the butterfly effect; my question to you, my readers, can the movement of the wings of a butterfly while in flight, cause a hurricane (typhoon)???

My first reaction, without thought, was “No”

Then I remember seeing the movie, “The Butterfly Effect”…..it was about how a series of small actions had a certain results, not all of the results were desirable.

But I became curious at the very idea or question…..”Can butterfly cause a hurricane?”

case in point:

A few months ago, while I was watching the news about one black woman giving a speech about her experience with one white farmer that happened 20 years ago. With the technology we have today. Her speech was cut, splice, diced, and edit for a certain effect and then posted on YouTube.

She was first forced to re-signed. The NAACP became involve and the story took on a life oof its own on the National Media.

Can the flight of the butterfly cause a hurricane?

answer: No…..but the flight of the butterfly can contribute to the conditions that CAN start a hurricane.

Understand…. what are your thoughts?

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  • Maguie

    I remembered that I read something like that it”s how a different form of something can effect big systems like weather. I think Lorenz was explaining something about a research he was doing…..however I don’t believe any of them I just believe God does his things the way he wants it and if he want a butterfly to kill someone that can happen but truthfully a butterfly wing cannot cause a hurricane period!

  • Nem

    Just imagine our words and action being the butterfly wings. Everything we are through our words gets brought to it’s destination. Once there, it returns to us as the effect. The butterfly is like the messenger.

  • marshallsmc

    I think of this more often now than before, because I see this person, who is still basically a stranger to me, on a daily basis. I don’t know much about her other than this simple act of generosity from her to me. I do now know her name.

    Here it is: First day at new job, new place, new surroundings. It’s lunchtime and I ran out of the house in the morning and didn’t grab breakfast or my wallet. Don’t even have enough for a vending machine candy bar. I try to figure it out but I have no solution. I can’t beg these strangers/co-workers for lunch money the first day on the job…it just won’t look right. And, there is 4 hours left of the day, and it’s a 2 hour bus commute from office to my refrigerator at home…luckily I had the bus pass !

    This girl (a new co-worker) walks into dining room and opens up this amazing california caesar salad. Wow,I thought, I would have given $20 tomorrow for half of that salad today. I was drinking water pretending to be enjoying my lunch hour with a nice cup of water. She looked over at me after eating about half of that salad and asked if I would like to have what was left. I think my mouth hung open with my eyes wide for like 5 seconds. I didn’t want to appear exactly as I was: broke and very hungry, and without a single person I knew anywhere in sight. Did she somehow know? Was she psychic? I said sure, I’ll eat it.
    I have never been more grateful for food in my life.

    When I see her now, and when I tell this story thinking of the butterfly effect question, I am still overwhelmed by her generosity. My gratitude is still so fresh, and it has been some months since it occured.

    Could she have known how hungry and how stuck I was that day? I have never told her, or anyone for that matter. I have never discussed that because of her giving on that day, that I assume the very same level of responsibility to do the same. Remember that I never asked her for that food.

    I carry the awareness to offer what I have if it may benefit someone else. If there is a need. If I have something to offer.

    Offer it before one needs to ask.

    If I can have the same effect on other people that she had on me, simply by passing over a half a salad at a partcicular moment on a particular day, what is the value of that, and where, and how, and could it or would it, ever stop ‘rippling’ out?

    Because we can’t know, and because of the (I believe) inherent good in this ethic, I will leave it to the Creator to manage the magnitude of the ripple effect, and do what I can to get that first ripple going.

    • Mr. Prodg

      that’s a good way to think Marshall. Sometimes a simple gesture could be a HUGE deal to someone else.

    • Eksqwizit

      Couldn’t add at bottom, not sure why…


      Last BEST example of a B.E: Rosa Parks and the civil rights movement. Who would have thought how a middle aged woman refusing to sit in the back of a bus would have made such an impact!!!! HUGE TSUNAMI…

  • Eksqwizit

    Too many stories to tell…but this one I carry with me…

    I used to walk maybe 20 miles to a 2 year university because I could not afford the token for the bus…not every day but on most days…and there was this young lady, I think she noticed me walking but she never came to me to speak about it, but she will come sit down during break time between classes with me and conveniently forget her change…I will offer it back and she will say no…or she will leave her bus transfer slip or point out offer me the pass…LOL, not sure some of you even recall what a transfer slip looked like lol..back in the day, if you paid a fare, you would get a transfer slip for the next bus. Well, I would use that transfer to take me closer to home and walk the rest of the way there…

    that is my BE…because of her, I have given forward plenty and I shall continue doing so…I am who I am in part because of this young lady and I don’t even remember her name :( but I pray for her, often….

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