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To You…Again | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

To You…Again

To You…Again
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So she called to inform me that she no longer wanted to be with dudes…she had decided that heading the other way would be best for her.


Last night those looks that you gave me as I avoided your glance penetrated, sliced into the bone, down to the heart of me.

Last night I saw the tears behind your eyes.

Last night I realized that I wasn’t the only one who was hurt, and I was hurt by your hurt, and I wanted to heal your hurt but I couldn’t gather enough strength to dress my own wounds.

Last night I wanted to make love to you, I wanted to love you but that’s no longer my place.

Last night I wondered if that had ever been my place.

Last night the kisses that you gave me were the sweetest.

Last night I knew you do and always will truly love me.

Today I wonder if she knows how valuable you are.

Today I hope that she never brings you harm or causes you pain.

Today I know that you deserve the best that this world has to offer, and I wonder what that means now that you’re with her and not with me.

Today she is someone that I’m not, with qualities that I don’t have, with more than I can compete with.

Today this isnt a competition.

Today I want you to be happy, just like yesterday and tomorrow.

Today I want you to know how much I do and always will truly love you.


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  • lynnaima

    -quite hurtful to one’s pride surely

    - it seems that you or the main actor in your stories is always late, late in acknowledging love, seeing correctly…why “today I want you to know how much I do and always will truly love you”

    That word TODAY…what is different then that was not there before

    The always looking back, always appreciating when it is too late

    That is the pattern I tend to read in your pieces…one who lives in the past, never appreciating and seeing the present, unless it relates to “sex”. Maybe, so lost in the act of sex but never seeing the person

    yeah yeah yeah I go back the quote that “our art defines who we are”. Thus as a compilation, that is what your blog is showing to moi…the past is more vivid, always looking back…always!

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