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Two Lost Souls (part deux) | Mr. Prodg: New Chapter!

Two Lost Souls (part deux)

Two Lost Souls (part deux)
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Days have passed since their last confrontation and neither one of them are willing to admit defeat. Maybe its pride, maybe it’s not. Whatever it may be these two are stubborn as hell and something has got to give. He still remembers the night he felt it all flash before his eyes and suddenly, they were no more. Weeks prior to this night he had this feeling in the back of his mind that something wasn’t right. She stopped calling him by the little nick names they gave each other, she stopped writing him notes, stopped calling, basically wiped his existence from her heart.

He managed to sit her down and reveal what was running through his mind. Little did he know, he just ruined the greatest thing he ever obtained. However it wasn’t his fault completely, she too had played a role in the fading of their romance. He would chase her when she ran, hugged her when she pushed away, and still stayed by her side though he felt the love slipping through his hands. In the midst of this passion there was another man that captured her attention. There he was sitting alone trying to deny what he saw hoping it was just a dream. Pinching himself, splashing water on his face telling his self he would wake up. Sadly though, it wasn’t a dream it was all too real. His eyes became watery and chest started hurting. Crawling across the floor trying to scream for someone to save him as he witnesses every moment they ever shared come to life again. Holding his chest remembering all the dances, all the sweet talks, all the promises, every word she whispered. Crying to himself he confronted her with what he saw and it began; the beginning of the end.

They argued yet again, trading excuses as to why the love was dying, trying to place the blame on each other’s shoulders. Bad blood was boiling and neither one of them knew what to do. Suicidal tendencies bloomed inside their minds trying to forget the pain of losing the love. It was as if the grim reaper came and swallowed their souls because, although their eyes had color, the inner pain caused them to turn black and cold.

Shouting with fiery they dissected each other’s hearts verbally until they were forced into silence. Tears racing down their cheeks like tiny snowballs on a hill. Nothing would be the same again. The magic has burned out; the love has crumbled into shattered pieces, both sitting speechless like a person without a tongue. They try to spice up the conversation with jokes. It covers the pain slightly but you can hear it in their voices.

As they hang up the phone acting like nothing’s wrong, he can’t help but wonder what went wrong. What didn’t he do right? Was it her? Was it the other man’s fault? In the words of the British rock band Def Leppard, I guess it’s ‘too late for love’ for these two. One heart, one mind, one soul, now splits into two hearts, two minds and two lost souls.

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